Silver screen

Kimi RaikkonenI’d known Odeon cinemas showed Formula 1 races, but I’d never really been bothered about going before.

So it was typical of me that I decided to go and sit in a dark, air-conditioned room on the nicest day of the year so far.

Not many other people did though. Well, in fact, apart from my brother and I, only one other person did. So there was three of us in the cinema to ourselves, which was actually pretty cool.

I don’t know if the other guy was too happy about it mind you, ‘cos the two of us whooped and shouted when the mood took us. Lewis Hamilton passing Felipe Massa? We clapped and cheered like we would have done at home on the sofa.

(If you were the other person at the cinema in Bath, then I’m sorry.)

Anyway, the HD picture was really impressive, and seeing cars that big on the screen was awesome. You see stuff that you’d never taken notice of before.

The sound was great too, and even the commentators were better than a certain someone I could mention (BBC, if you haven’t already, I urge you to sign up Karun Chandhok for your F1 commentary next season. He’s very good).

So if you’ve not been to the cinema F1 experience before – and you’re prepared to pay the slightly steep, Bernie pleasing fifteen quid to do so – then you should certainly consider it.

Although I’d recommend you do it when the weather’s rubbish.

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