Monaco practice

Lewis HamiltonYou still can’t beat the excitement that Monaco brings.

There’s just something fundamentally awesome about seeing the best drivers in the world dancing their cars over the kerbs with no room to spare.

And in practice today, Lewis Hamilton proved once again that he sure can dance with a fastest lap time of 1m15.140s.

Watching him tail-out through the Piscine chicane in second practice, you could see why he was looking forward to not having any driver aids this season.

You can also see why he wears tyres out quicker than most.

But tyre wear wasn’t a concern today as he drove the quickest time of the afternoon, with a McLaren MP4-23 that looked ever so sorted. It appeared to ride the bumps and undulations of Monaco better than anything else out there.

Even the Ferraris of Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa – third and fourth respectively – couldn’t keep pace with Hamilton.

Williams’ Nico Rosberg was closest to the Brit, but he was still nearly a quarter of a second back from Lewis.

Following behind Massa were Heikki Kovalainen in fifth, Robert Kubica sixth, Fernando Alonso seventh, Jenson Button eighth, Kazuki Nakajima ninth and Rubens Barrichello rounding it out in 10th.

So I’m going to go for Lewis on pole, Nico to run light for P2, then Kimi and Massa.

However, the forecast for both qualifying and race day is rain, so it’s certainly going to be interesting.

Go on, give us a prediction…

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i hate that black lewis dumbo hamilton and his stupid crap team. I like felipe massa and ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If u dont like lewis then y dont u watch some other team rather than shouting your head off?

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