Monaco qualifying

Felipe MassaNo one saw that coming, least of all Ferrari’s Felipe Massa.

The Brazilian put together a storming qualifying lap for pole at tomorrow’s Monaco Grand Prix.

With his team mate Kimi Raikkonen next to him, they’ve locked out the front row ahead of both the McLarens.

It was thought – and I thought it as much as anyone – that Lewis was coming to the principality with the strongest car for the circuit, but that would appear not to have been the case.

Ferrari have never been so good at Monaco – especially not with the longer wheel based car of last year – but they seem to have addressed the problems that had hindered them in the past.

More than at any other race, being on pole is the best place to be at Monaco, as it lets the driver really control the pace, with little chance of being overtaken other than during pit stops.

It’s also a great statement from Massa as to his championship intentions, at a track he claims that he doesn’t even like.

So are the McLaren’s heavy on fuel, which compromised their qualifying? Is Massa going to put it all together for the win? Will it rain?

Let us know what you think…

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