Monaco results

Lewis HamiltonPeople often talk about fate or luck playing a massive part in Formula 1, and that was certainly proven today.

Lewis Hamilton’s early, forced pit stop on lap five looked to be a hinderance, but it actually played right into the Brit’s hands, and made for another thrilling Monaco GP for us.

Wasn’t it awesome?

Lewis was also helped by the weather and how his stops fell, but nevertheless his middle stint was brilliant and he maximised his opportunities to win the one race that all F1 drivers dream of.

It was a manic few hours all told, with even the usually solid-as-a-rock Kimi Raikkonen making mistakes – one of which costing the incredibly unlucky Adrian Sutil and his Force India their biggest points haul ever.

It looked like it was Massa’s win for quite some time at the beginning, then it appeared to be BMW’s Robert Kubica’s, but eventually it became clear that it was all Lewis.

Which places him in the lead of the World Championship standings, which, like last year, leaves it all to play for as we get ready for Canada in a couple of weeks.

Personally I can’t wait, but what a win – and race in general – it was today.

Monaco is still the one.

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That was definitely a manic two hours. It was also kinda weird to watch, because everyone started speeding up after the rain in a one-last-dash sort of way, but there were 30 laps to go!

But I think they need to resurface that stretch between the end of the tunnel and the harbour chicane, because both Raikkonen AND Coulthard lost it driving over a bump, the only difference being that Kimi caught the slide and was caught out. Sutil as well.

Oh, and er, GO LEWIS HAMILTON!!!

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Felt so sorry for Sutil when Kimi drove his Ferrari right in the back of his car… Although Kimi is one of my favourite drivers, that little stunt was definitely one of his worst performances ever.

Congrats to Hamilton, who didn’t just beat the competition, he annihilated them… Is this the return of Hamilton, or was it just a lucky race? Who can tell…

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damn thats a nice picture!!!!!!!!!

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