Montreal qualifying

Lewis HamiltonThat was certainly an edge-of-the-seat qualifying session wasn’t it?

It looked to be Lewis Hamilton’s pole position right from the outset, until the last minute, when Robert Kubica banged in a stunning time while no one was really looking.

Lewis was ready for him though and pulled out another six tenths of a second from his back pocket to secure the front spot. (The way he ran over that final chicane, I’d think his bum wasn’t very happy after such a high landing.)

The Ferraris were a bit of a surprise not being able to hook up the final sector, but Kimi Raikkonen still managed to thread a lap together good enough for third spot.
Fernando Alonso drove the wheels off his Renault for fourth, followed by Nico Rosberg’s Williams and then Felipe Massa’s Ferrari.

The new tarmac breaking up as much as it is seems to be posing some concerns, but as Mark Webber said after becoming a victim of it, ‘it’ll be good for the fans.’

I’m not going to make any race predictions this week, but let us know what you think and I’ll put your thoughts up when I get back from the pub.

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I am a Ferrari fan and I think Kimi is without doubt the fastest driver out there, but Lewis seems to be the only one really driving the balls off his car, Schumacher style, and really does deserve to win this championship.

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I think that Kubica and Hamilton are the best drivers of this year. It seems that they are literally killing their team mates. Alonso is also extremely fast. Kimi is not enough focused, distracted by his yachting crashes. And Massa is finally dangerous… but not consistent enough. And Mark was almost the hero of quali… almost.

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