Montreal mayhem

Robert KubicaThey say that the Canadian Grand Prix usually manages to throw a curve ball as far as results go, and it certainly did today.

During safety car conditions early on, Lewis Hamilton failed to see the red light at the end of the pit lane…

…until it was too late, driving into the back of his main rival, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

That was the end of both their races, and left Robert Kubica in the perfect position for both his and BMW’s first Formula One victory.

BMW’s day was even better thanks to Kubica’s team mate Nick Heidfeld making for the German manufacturer’s first one-two, and RedBull were chuffed to bits with David Coulthard occupying the third step on the podium.

Timo Glock got fourth for Toyota, with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa in fifth.

But more importantly than all the drama, Kubica’s now leading the world championship, which leaves it all wide open for the rest of the season.

Job’s a good un.

So what do you think? No doubt Lewis is about to come in for some stick…

Personally, I thought Massa’s double undertake was magnificent, and was definitely my move of the race.

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I’m writing to you from Poland. It’s Sunday evening and people are shouting all around the city, ‘K. U. B. I. C. A.’.

I have been watching F1 since 1994. I was a huge Damon Hill fan. I was hoping that maybe one day Mika Hakkinen will win grand prix. Who could possibly imagine that I will see a Pole in F1? We don’t have tradition of racing. We don’t have a single real circuit.

And who could possibly imagine that we will see Pole wining grand prix?!

They have got a point. We are allowed to shout even though it’s almost midnight. This is a historic day for F1 fans in Poland.

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As unlucky as it was for both Hamilton and Raikkonen, it was actually good to get some focus on the talent of the rest of the pack when the attention shifted from McLaren and Ferrari.

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Bravo Robert! That was great. Pity that we lost with Trabants, but we’re still in game. Show must go on…

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Where did Alonso finish? I do love Canada.

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mr hamilton should of got 3 points and a 60 quid fine trying to jump a red light

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barbara, before think about fernando´s mistake you should think about last season, about brazil, china, nurburgring, turkey…and this season you should think about bahrein, canada and france.
you should recognise that every single time that lewis hamilton has any problem, he loses the concentration and makes a mistake,well done robert!spain is with you!

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I dont understand why nobody has picked up on the fact that the blue pit lane light was on briefly just before the accident. the blue pit lane light means that the pit lane exit was open but traffic was passing. analysis of the moments just before the accident indicates that both drivers were misled by the pit lane signalling, sure they should not have driven into the back of the others but they should not have been penalised as heavily when it is clear that the organisers of the race were culpable as well!!

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