Lap 5: random thoughts

Fernando AlonsoInto lap 6 – just how important was Alonso to Lewis last year? Hamilton’s a bit off the rails this year and his driving is just slightly shabby.

It’s possible that the focus of beating Alonso, and the ability to hone his set-ups based on Alonso’s input, might have givien him the target he needed. This year, it’s down to him. He’s a bit untidy, a bit too racey. And now it looks like a drive-through penalty. That’s the end of him for this race.

Looking at the live timing on and purple’s the colour that matters. Raikkonen is all purple – it means he’s setting fastest sector and lap times.

So he should if his car is lighter. We’ve seen Kimi have the pace and consistency to destroy Massa on occasion by starting the race with a heavier fuel load, staying in touch, then nailing him at the pit stops. It’ll be interesting to see whether Massa has the ability to do the same to Kimi.

F1 is boring on the surface, admitted, but if you have the lap times, if you care who wins, then F1 is awesome.

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I agree that Lewis needs someone to push him. Or maybe just a constant target and access to his telemetry. Raikkonen, perhaps? Or would Ferrari consider that spying?

Oh, and seeing as this is about random thoughts, who else thinks that all the blog pages on this site should be something similar to this one?

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Hamilton simply needs Fernando’s telemetry. In fact, Mclaren made a big mistake letting Alonso go, He could have been champion last year and again this year.

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If I remember correctly, Ron Dennis decided to promote Hamilton to race driver in part because he had Alonso in the other car. That was a brilliant choice, and you can’t help but wonder if things in Woking would be a bit different if the Spaniard was still there.

It’s very easy to say it here and now, but I think the best thing that could have happened to Hamilton was that he accepted to support Fernando’s championship challenge, just for that one year, instead of fighting him. Alonso would have won it, probably still be a Mclaren driver and Hamilton would have been in talking terms with a 3times world champ that’s in the same garage, and he has the knowledge that he has all of his career ahead of him.

Though I admit it’s very easy for me to say that with hindsight, and not being even remotely close to a F1 car.

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