Trulli: ‘We all needed this result’

Jarno TrulliThe happiest man in the place today was Jarno Trulli, and the entire paddock was pleased for the Italian and the Toyota team.

There were many reasons, not least that the team’s first podium since the start of 2006 came just over a week after the tragic death of Ove Andersson.

Andersson was the driving force behind Toyota in world rallying and then Formula 1, and Trulli is one of the those drivers who, on his day, is brilliant. Today was one of those days.

His eyes were gleaming at the end of a superb wheel-to-wheel battle with Heikki Kovalainen. ‘It was like racing karts, racing side by side,’ said Trulli. ‘I haven’t done that for a very long time and I wish the race could have gone on.’

Trulli said his first message to the pits on his slowing down lap was to prepare an Italian tricolour, which he had been carrying in his bag ever since his last podium – way back in 2005.

Trulli wanted to wave it and encourage the Italian fans in their support, not just for the Italian Ferrari/Trulli podium but also for the Italy/Spain match in the Euro2008 quarter final. ‘I am very happy,’ said Trulli. ‘This is good for Italy, good for me and good for Toyota. We all needed this result.’

Toyota had opened a book of condolences for Andersson in their motor home. One of the first entries said simply: ‘A lovely man. Always smiling, always good company – always a racer.’

Ove would have approved of his driver’s race today. The smiles at Toyota were a welcome counterpoint to the grim faces at McLaren.

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The French are having a bad time this day. The Italians beaten them at Euro 2008 and The Italians take the Podium at The French Grand Prix. 1st is Felipe Massa for Ferrari, 2nd is Kimi Raikkonen for Ferrari and Jarno Truli an Italian for Toyota.

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Trulli drove well and deserved the podium he got. Toyota deserved it too.

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bravo Trulli .. try to keep your performance dude .. !!

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well done trulli toyota v mclaren and u did it your the best driver out there.

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