‘Konen the destroyer

Raikkonen\'s engineSome how it had completely slipped my mind straight after yesterday’s French Grand Prix what a knife-edge Kimi Raikkonen had been driving on.

His car was trying to destroy itself for the second half of the race, forcing Kimi to turn down the wick and nurse his car to the finish line.

The exhaust pipe had broken loose and was flailing around, which saw the car’s performance drop, with the water pressure coming down and the temperatures going way up.

Kimi being Kimi, he valiantly hauled his car home for a second place trophy, and admitted it could’ve been a lot worse.

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali was by all accounts even more stressed than his charge.

“In that condition you never know. It may stop any lap, it’s too difficult, it’s critical.”

They’ll probably have to change Kimi’s engine for Silverstone, using the Get Out Of Jail Free Option – he won’t have to take a grid drop – which indicates how much stress the engine went though.

But what’s got me thinking is this. The exhaust pipe was flapping around and eventually worked itself loose near the end of the race, and it flew off into the gravel on a corner.

Domenicali says that they may never find out exactly what happened, as, “it will be difficult to collect all the pieces because they’re somewhere around the track.”

So the Ferrari was shedding parts for half the race. The exhaust pipe could easily have flown off into the path of another car. Or into a grand stand.

Why wasn’t the Ferrari black flagged and pulled in?

I bet if it had been a McLaren out there dumping its engine all over the place that they’d have been halted straight away.

What do you think?

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you are right , after all the FIA is actually Ferrari international assistance , and that come from paul Stoddard who used to own minardi .

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McLaren and Hamilton in the last 2 years had done an enormous number of mistake (the spy story, pilot champion lost in the last gp of the past year and the last gp of Canada and France). They also haven’t been enough fast to pretend they are the best.Rather, for what we have seen at the moment Ferrari is the fastest car in the circus.

An Italian fan of TG and Ferrari and an admirer of Hamilton.

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My views on the last few races regarding penaltys are as follows

Kimmi not receiving some kind of penalty for his desperate out of control shunting Monaco = Wrong

Hamiltons 10 place grid drop = Firm but fair

Kovi’s grid drop = Very harsh

Hamiltons drive through = Only cos it was Lewis, any other driverdid that in p10 would have been overlooked

Neither ferari or stewards doing anything about the state of Kimmi’s car = Outragous.

Now excuse me i’m very busy, another Mclaren just drove by and for that it clearly needs a penalty

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I do think there seems to be something ant-Mclaren going on.
Going back to the incident at Montreal, when Hamilton missed the red light, he turned left, assuming no car would be there. He finds sitting in his way Raikkonen, who technically should have lined up behind Kubica in the pitlane, as Kubica was ahead as they came out of their respective pit garages, check the footage.

Therefore, my rather long winded point here is that, yes, Hamilton deserved a penalty, although surely the 10 pts he dropped is one already, but shouldn’t Raikkonen receive some kind of penalty for being where he was.

At Magny-Cours, in Quali, Raikkonen went wide through the final chicane, gaining time, but was not penalised, if the lap was CORRECTLY disqualified, then Raikkonen may not have made it through to Q2. The incident with Kovaleinen blocking Webber which got him a grid drop barely disadvantaged Webber, he still got through despite the time dropped on that lap. In the race, Ron Dennis said on the Hamilton-Vettel pass that they contacted Charlie Whiting to see whether they needed to give the place back, but were not responded to, and so were penalised without a chance to do anything about it. Raikkonen should have at least been shown the black and orange flag, that exhaust was massively dangerous, especially coming off at the speed it did. The fact that Ferrari can’t find all the burnt pieces shows that they were not safe to be raced.

Overall, whilst it is not a black and white issue, there does seem to be some kind of bias towards Ferrari, and Mclaren seem to have been given some harsh penalties since the incident last year. Then again, the FIA have seemed to bias Ferrari for years, Schumacher taking out other drivers, parking on the last corner of Monte Carlo during Quali, none of these got penalised.

Anyway, just my $0.02

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I think the difference between the Raikkonnennnn & Suthil incident that it was on track and therefore a racing incident…the Hamilton et al shunt was IN THE FECKIN PITLANE…what a nob.

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The whole McLaren/Ferrari debate is ruining F1. Call me cynical but I am still convinced it was dodgy that Raikonnen won the title from nowhere last year. I think that a Ferrari victory was agreed by the FIA during the hearings to keep the media interest going. Yes Hamilton hasn’t been great this year but there is a long way to go as long as the bosses let them play nicely. By the way, yes ITV talk about Hamilton alot but no where near as bad as the Schumacher love in which constituted their commentary whilst he was driving!

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Dear oh dear Bernie’s preferences are showing!

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I agree with some people that if it was the other way around (McLaren or any other team) nobody would say anything. Because some people can accept that such a fight should not be meddled in. Kimi fought like a driver should fight for a place – there was no tactic, no power advantage no nothing – it was just raw driving briliance, like Alonso did that day with a car so slow that the Hondas were quicker. Now these are the good stuff in F1.

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I didn’t realise that McLaren fans had turned into such a bunch of whiners.

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