‘Konen the destroyer

Raikkonen\'s engineSome how it had completely slipped my mind straight after yesterday’s French Grand Prix what a knife-edge Kimi Raikkonen had been driving on.

His car was trying to destroy itself for the second half of the race, forcing Kimi to turn down the wick and nurse his car to the finish line.

The exhaust pipe had broken loose and was flailing around, which saw the car’s performance drop, with the water pressure coming down and the temperatures going way up.

Kimi being Kimi, he valiantly hauled his car home for a second place trophy, and admitted it could’ve been a lot worse.

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali was by all accounts even more stressed than his charge.

“In that condition you never know. It may stop any lap, it’s too difficult, it’s critical.”

They’ll probably have to change Kimi’s engine for Silverstone, using the Get Out Of Jail Free Option – he won’t have to take a grid drop – which indicates how much stress the engine went though.

But what’s got me thinking is this. The exhaust pipe was flapping around and eventually worked itself loose near the end of the race, and it flew off into the gravel on a corner.

Domenicali says that they may never find out exactly what happened, as, “it will be difficult to collect all the pieces because they’re somewhere around the track.”

So the Ferrari was shedding parts for half the race. The exhaust pipe could easily have flown off into the path of another car. Or into a grand stand.

Why wasn’t the Ferrari black flagged and pulled in?

I bet if it had been a McLaren out there dumping its engine all over the place that they’d have been halted straight away.

What do you think?

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