Scuderia FerrariI don’t support an F1 team.

I think die-hard fans of one team or another find this hard to understand. I don’t think they get how I can love watching Formula 1 just for the sake of it. But honestly, I do.

My ‘Konen the destroyer’ blog highlighted the point for me that people don’t get where I’m coming from, as I’d written it merely to suggest that Kimi’s Ferrari was a danger to other drivers and spectators, and that it should have been fixed.

(I also wrote black flag when I meant black and orange, so that might have caused some confusion.)

I wasn’t saying that Kimi should have been punished, or that I was annoyed he came in second with Massa ahead of him.

I wish now that I’d used Force India or Renault as the example for anyone else being punished, rather than McLaren, because my point got lost in another ‘you’re a sore loser’ battle.

For the record, I don’t care who wins an F1 race, as long as they deserve it.

I’m all for Formula 1 however it plays out, but I do think that the rules should be fair and the same for everyone. That was the point I was trying to make.

I’m in no way anti-Ferrari – my Ferrari mug and dressing gown will attest to this – but then neither am I anti-McLaren, or anyone else for that matter.

I just want good, exciting racing.

Sure there are drivers I like more than others, but I reserve the right to change my mind about them as and when I feel like it.

I was no fan of Felipe Massa when the season began, but he’s really showing some spirit with his assault on the title this year and my opinion of him is now much more positive.

I thought Fernando Alonso had a brilliantly spirited drive in Monaco. Jarno Trulli had a great afternoon to third on the weekend. Adrian Sutil didn’t deserve to be taken out by Kimi a few weeks ago. Jenson Button deserves some luck. When Hamilton’s on it, he’s practically untouchable. The same goes for Kimi.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m a fan of Formula 1.

Is that ok?

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Actually I should add that I genuinely support every team on the grid except Ferrari (whom I despise totally) hahaha. As long as they get a kicking I’m happy!

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I totally agree, i don’t support one team or another. Till the end of the season when i tell everyone that i’ve been supporting whoevers the eventual winner.

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It’s allright…
You can gain back the right spirit and support Ferrari…

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The only way I will stop sleeping during a GP race, is if Danica Patrick drives in a fire proof bikini in a transparent car sponsored by Autoglass.

Fan club bigger than the red bunch guaranteed.

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I’m on the other side of the pond and just started watching F1 at the start of the season. I don’t have the lxury of being a fan of any one team, but I’ll usually root for the underdog. Which is why I root for Alonso and Kubica. Heikki gets some good will from me and so does the entire Force India team. But you have to admit, its the guys in the middle of the pack that provide the most excitement. Nothing is as boring as watching someone start in the lead and keep it for the entire race (like in Australia, I fell asleep halfway through)

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Exciting racing eh? Yes, I am for that. I was at the track in Magny-Cours to watch it, and I realized that the most exciting thing is overtaking. (even though I am a huge Ferrari fan) I did not care who overtook who, but the act itself when you see two cars head by head growling with fury! I wish they make it like this championship they have in India, where all the cars are the same and just have some kind of nitro to boost it for a moment. Now that would be interesting..

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i only support the winning team

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Like my country’s man, as a brazilian, I support Ferrari…as long as Massa races in one of their cars and gets to overtake Kimi as much as he pleases. =) of course I loved the Massa’s good race at Canada. I cheer for him until the end of the race, and if his car breaks, I cheer for Piquet, and if he breaks too I cheer against Hamilton and Kimi, you probably guessed by now why was the Canada GP the best of the whole season 4 me ROFL. Ah yes, specialy crossed about what happened to Sutil in monaco =\ not fair at all.

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so long as its good to watch. i am a bit annoyed that the ferrari’s are the best cars, almost untouchable by anyone except maclaren. however, new aero kits have been intoduced at silverstone, so the gap will maybe have been closed somewhat. massa is in 8th i think, maybe this is how its going to be??? hope so =)

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