Testing times

Fernando AlonsoRenault’s Fernando Alonso was involved in some red flag action at yesterday’s Silverstone F1 test, with his engine giving up in the morning and then a spin into the gravel a few laps after lunch.

Yet a dusting down and a few tweaks put the car back on track, leaving Alonso to post a fastest time good enough for fourth, which he was happy with.

“It was a good day’s work,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton topped the time sheet in front of a rather substantial home crowd, yet his challenger wasn’t the expected Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen but instead Timo Glock’s Toyota.

Glock was the only other driver to break into 1 min 19seconds, and was understandably chuffed, although slightly coy about his earlier shunt into Red Bull’s David Coulthard.

“When I turned in at the end of Hanger Straight, David was there. I just didn’t see him so I apologise for that,” he said, but added, “that was a good day’s testing for us.”

Kimi’s morning time was still quick enough for third mind you.

“Obviously it is far too early to say where we can be on this track compared to our main rivals, but I can see no reason why we should not be competitive,” Raikkonen said in the hotel bar afterwards.


Kimi might think it’s too early to say who’s going to be fastest at the British Grand Prix next weekend, but I see that as no reason why we shouldn’t indulge in some idle speculation.

So, what do you think? Lewis? Kimi? Adrian Sutil?

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It has to be a Ferrari pole and win. I expect them to get a front row lockout and, barring mechanical failure, a 1-2 finish for the Ferrari’s. Undoubtedly they’re sandbagging during testing. The track suits the ferrari’s wheelbase which is longer than mclarens. Massa to take the pole, Kimi to get him in the first round of stops. Hamilton’s proving he’s not as good as people thought. Can’t handle pressure and then makes mistakes (China and Brazil last year), then he starts some conspiracy theory against the FIA and sulks. Never liked the hype surrounding the guy to be honest. It’ll take a miracle for him to ever win a world championship in my opinion.

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Ferrari 1-2, with Kimi in front. :)

Hamilton 3rd but a long way back.

Then Kovalainen and Kubica, who may or may not be close depending on the form of the BMW.

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Both Ferraris will bolt home on this one for a 1-2. They’re too quick. Hamilton will prob get 3rd. Cant wait for 1:15mins of just seeing hamilton & hearing about how he is greater than Jesus

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Massa, Kubica, Raikonnen are the top three. Hamilton to finish outside the points as bad things come in threes. and i think he’s and arrogant fool as well

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If Mc Laren can produce a very quick and reliable car as the Ferraris, then Lewis Hamilton will win without a doubt.

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If Lewis keeps it together, he wins. If not, Ferrari wins.

Ferrari winning is boring.

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It will be pretty close. While ferrari had the better car in France, the gap was made to look wider by circumstances. Either Lewis or Kimi with Massa in with a chance.

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Lewis is bound to be strong but is the Mclaren up to par with the Ferrari?

This year’s result at Silverstone will be Kimi, Lewis, Kubica.

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lewis in a tight 1st with Kimi running in 2nd. Massa in 3rd a couple of seconds later and the 2nd maclaren in 4th. Bm’s in 5th and 6th

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lewis will win fore sure..

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I wonder if anyone can help. My husband is 40 in 2010
he is desperate to go to monico grand prix. I have looked on the net and the packages are a rip off for what you get. Has anyone been and can surgest a good deal.

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Maybe McLaren have pulled back on development for this season’s car. If McLaren (or Lewis) were to win the championship then Ferrari could claim it was down to their stolen technology.

I suspect that McLaren already have a championship winning car ready for the 2009 season.

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Fernando THE accident veteran. Lately either he’s too eager to overtake someone and hits their back or side, or he just goes off the track at random. Is it the car or is Fernando starting to show his frustration at not being even amongst top five? So many bold, if not careless moves…

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