Brit GP: pole day

You’ve got to take your hat off to McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen. While everyone else focussed on what Lewis Hamilton was going to do, Heikki kept his focus and got on with the job at hand, which landed him the grandest prize of the day: pole position at the British Grand Prix.

And what of Hamilton? His focus definitely seems to be somewhat addled at the moment, putting the car off the track in the final session on his first hot lap. When he went through Brooklands corner for his last pole attempt, you could see from the onboard footage that the previous off had shaken his confidence, scrubbing a lot of speed and locking up his left front to make the corner. That scuppered his chances at pole and left him on the second row in fourth.

Mark Webber drove a great lap for Red Bull’s first front row grid position, and the Ferraris had looked off the pace through out the first two sessions but Kimi Raikkonen kept his composure for third spot.

BMW’s Nick Heidfeld took fifth, Fernando Alonso sixth and Piquet Jnr seventh – both for Renault – Sebastian Vettel eigth for STR, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa down in ninth and BMW’s Robert Kubica rounds out the top 10.

So, Big Question time: can Heikki Kovalainen take his maiden win at tomorrow’s British Grand Prix, or is he going to have his day stolen by Mark Webber?

And what of the big guns Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton, are they going to put their respective problems behind them and get on with the job at hand?

The pressure mounts…

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Very good qualifying by Heikki, can’t see the baby faced Finn winning tomorrow though. What the hell happened to potential title winning Massa, awful qualifying by the pint sized Brazilian.

Kimi will storm to victory tomorrow in the strangely slow qualifying prancing horse.

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id like to say well done to heki for getting pole the ferraris didnt perform like they used to but hopefully the will perform better in the race than they did in qualifying

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I’m a Raikkonen fan, I want him to win the championship but I think that Webber deserves a race win. Its been a long time coming and his performances often exceed the ability of his cars. He seemed like a nice guy on top gear aswell. Also why is Coulthard retiring. Shouldn’t Button depart instead. In an interview in CAR last year,sorry top gear, he said he was one of the 3 drivers who could win the championship in 2007. And he had written off Hamilton already and the season hadn’t even begun.

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Oh I forgot. Vettel is amazing. BMW should hire him again but now as a main driver. He is very impressive.

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I no i am personaly a hamilton fan especialy since he was on the show so i never saw it comng but pole or mclaren is great

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Mark Webber! What can I say, just absolutely amazing you have to take your hats off to Mark and say he was the hero of qualifying today. I still tip Kimi to win the GP but I would love to see Mark get another podium for Red Bull. Alonso did well as well I think and it would be great to see him beat hamilton tomorrow

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Great job by Kovalainen, no one was expecting such a good performance, but I have to say he has been much more consistent than Lewis this season. Let´s see how he handles the pressure once the race starts.

As for Ferrari, really, it´s getting very annoying, I´ve never seen a team mess up so much with one driver. It seems every time Massa has a shot at something, Ferrari finds a way to bring him down again. Last season was the trasmission setting, the race strategies and this season they seem to always do something wrong during the pitstops.

I´m going to predict


I don´t think Heiki will be able to hold off those two in the begining of the race, speacially Kimi, and Lewis will be faster as well, come race time (besides, a british driver in a british team finishing second to his teammate in Britain? Yeah, right…)

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Its Finland VS. Finland tomorrow xD

I cant belive Webber – hes talented, but car aint top of the range .
– to stay up with Kimi and Heikki, untill 1st pitstop it will be quiet a battle.

Will Hamilton try too much? there is change that hes on grass at very 1st laps…

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just watch mark webber is going to win

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I think the beginning of this race will be interesting, however I think that Kimi will win this one.

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Heikki FTW…woo…he deserves it

hamilton shud have got 2nd / 3rd

should rain which ll be good :D

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Everyone seems to constantly overlook Webber & Red Bull.(particularly ITV or as its known in Australia THE LEWIS HAMILTON SHOW). The car doesn’t have the pace of the top teams, but the driver does. I think the number 10 Red Bull has a bit more fuel in it then most seem to assume.

It may not be a win, but if he is not beaten by both Mclarens, and at least one BMW and a Ferrari it will be because he out drives them in a slower car.

Webber is one of the best in the game with the raw speed and the car development skills to back it up (with a succession of team mates blown away over the years to prove it.)Imagine if the guy ever got a level one car. Wouldn’t be great to see the best drivers all in cars capable of winning.

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You forgot to mention the reason to why Kubica finnished in 10th. That he didn’t even make a lap i Q3 because of some technical problems.

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@David: I guess in Australia the F1 coverage is called “THE MARK WEBBER SHOW”. ITV is a British channel and there is nothing wrong with covering Hamilton for his home GP. It’s funny really, Australians are fanatic about Webber (only because he’s a fellow Aussie) and they have the nerve to bash the British channel for supporting Hamilton because he’s the British hope.

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webber is the most unlucky person in f1

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