Brit GP: Hamilton’s win

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the quality of Lewis Hamilton’s win. It took a typical British summer’s day – wind, showers, some sun – to give Hamilton the canvas on which to display his abundance of natural talent. The Englishman didn’t put a foot wrong.

Well, he says he made a couple of mistakes but errors by his exacting standards were easily forgivable on a day like this.

Forget the jingoism that will pour from Monday’s newspapers in a summer when Britain is being stuffed in just about every sport. The important fact is that, in an hour and 39 minutes, Hamilton wiped out the errors of the past two races and put himself back in the championship frame; back on top of it, in fact, with a drive reminiscent of his commanding performance last year in the wet in Japan.

There were a couple of key moments:

– The start, when Heikki Kovalainen and Mark Webber were slow away from the front row, allowing Hamilton to pass the Red Bull and bang wheels with Kovalainen as the McLaren drivers fought for the lead.

– The pass Hamilton eventually pulled on his team-mate; it was one of those ‘I’m coming through, mate’ jobs in the mould of Ayrton Senna.

– And the pit stop at the end of lap 21. I shared the BBC Radio 5 Live commentary box with Anthony Davidson and, for a moment, the former Super Aguri driver thought McLaren had called it wrong as they gave Hamilton a fresh set of intermediate rain tyres.

The track was beginning to dry and Davidson reasoned that Ferrari had it right when they kept the original set of intermediates on Kimi Raikkonen’s car as he stopped at exactly the same time. These were well scrubbed by now and would be ideal.

And so they would have been had one thing not happened; it started to rain a lap later. Having closed down Hamilton’s lead to 3.2 seconds, within the space of five laps it was 29 seconds as Raikkonen found no grip at all, his wet weather grooves having long gone. Game over.

Well, not quite. Hamilton had to keep calm, maintain his concentration and deal with the standing water that was sending cars every which way but the right way. In the end, he came home over a minute ahead of Nick Heidfeld’s BMW. And he was leading the championship again thanks to Raikkonen slipping to fourth while Robert Kubica ended his race in a gravel trap and we lost count of the number of times Massa spun into 13th place.

The vast majority of the 90,000 fans were soaked thanks to Silverstone’s topless grandstands, but no one cared. The sun came out and combined with the wind to blow away the damp just as surely as Hamilton’s performance wiped the slate clean.

For the time being. It’s back to square one in Hockenheim in a fortnight for the next encounter in this extraordinary season.

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Or face the fact: Lewis had good luck there too, ‘cuse ferrari lacks man with tactical eye (and only real battle is between Ferrari and Mclaren) and other teams are just too slow to keep up… maybe BWM can fight back sometimes but not on every race

But even Ham’ did drove at grass once in race. and in qualify which was driven on DRY track.

One more thing: Have you paid attention to spanish media? after every freeking race: “True winner of the weekend is Alonso…” race has only 1 winner, how can it be Alonso at 5th or under? =D

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Even as a diehard Ferrari fan you have to give credit where it’s due. Lewis drove a flawless race compared to the rest of the field. Yes, Kimi would have been closer with full wets or even new intermediates on the first pitstop, but the way Hamilton was driving I don’t think anyone was going to catch him. Great job Lewis.

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He drove a good race. Interestingly, if Hamilton hadn’t had to change his tyres (he had to because the mclaren is harsh on its tyres) would mclaren have left the same set of intermediates on ? Alonso, Webber, Raikkonen – all kept the same tyres. To me this indicates that they expected rain, but no more than a few minutes of very light drizzle, and left on the tyres so they were in a better position for a drying track. They all have similar weather prediction systems, but then, you can’t always predict weather 100% accurately. In Monaco they thought it’d rain for about 7 minutes at the start and then be dry for the rest of the race etc. All in all, and it pains me to admit this, Hamilton drove well, and got the little bit of luck that anyone needs in a wet F1 race.

Still though, that race could’ve been epic if a ceratin Michael Schumacher was still racing. The ‘rainmaster’ versus the ‘young pretender’ to his crown. The master would’ve come out on top, or it’d have been very very close.

Also, have to feel sorry for barrichello. Would’ve easily had second had it not been for a dodgy fuel rig. Poor chap, but definately drive of the day for the veteran.

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I have to agree with CCns, after reviewing the race, I maintain what I´ve said before: Ferrari ruined the races for both Kimi and Massa. Massa lost the race on the friday crash, and never had a fighting chance during tha race under rain with the car set all wrong. And Ferrari also took away any possibility Kimi would have had.

But it really doesn´t matter, because while everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was having a major problem to stay on track, Lewis (and Barrichelo, I might add), was driving as if he belonged in a wet track, and no one could have taken win this from him.

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Lewis won the race because of Ferrari making the mistake with kimi’s tyre’s!

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Hamilton just kept the car in the track, his team won not him…many other drivers kept it in the track too, but dind’t get the chance to win because of wrong decisions or poor mechanics. Hamilton is not the best he is just good.

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Ferrari’s mistake was their fault. Lewis drove a fantastic race, I knew Hamilton was going to win and he deserved to win. He is capable of winning world chapionship he just needs to focus and stop making avoidable mistakes.
Keep it up Lewis! xxx

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When are people going to stop critisising Lewis and accept the truth; he’s the real deal!
His drive at Silverstone was superb.Others made mistakes but tough, you make your own luck.
I don’t see any Ferrari lovers saying that Kimi won the championship because Mclaren messed Lewis’ chances in China.
Yes he’s prone to making the odd mistake,but we seem to be forgetting that he’s only 22 and in just his 2nd F1 season.
However, when he’s in the groove,no one can touch him, aside from maybe Kimi or Alonso(with a decent car).
When he matures a bit more and learns to drive for points when he can’t win ,instead of overdriving needlessly,he will dominate the sport for years to come.

For once,Britain has a geniune world class talent,lets get behind him and celebrate the fact.

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lewis hamilton is the stig i have proof!!!!!

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i do think hamilton is farster around the F1 track than the stig.

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