German GP: Vettel to RBR

Sebastian Vettel must be pretty chuffed with his lot at the moment. He’s outperforming team mate Sebastian Bourdais and is being hailed as the next Schumacher on home turf by the local press. But today must be even rosier for him.

Red Bull Racing have just announced him to partner Mark Webber, replacing the retiring David Coulthard, from 2009.

Vettel’s just turned 21 years of age, has a mere 17 grand prix under his belt and is widely excepted to be a very real prospect for Star of the Future.

Personally, I think Vettel’s a cool customer and RBR must be super happy with their new signing.

What do you think?

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Let’s wait and see. It’s one thing to shine in a back of midfield car but another to step into one of the top cars and perform. He probably will but a lot more will be expected of him. Anyway, forget Vettel. What about Bourdais? Yet another driver from across the pond who can’t cut it in F1

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i expect all car raceing drivers to also be wolrd class superbike riders in the pick of my team
based a lot on control and listening to voice comands oboy i also mean listen to voice comands and giving answers to the cars complex computter system poviding aids on / 0ff etc.

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F1 racing drivers are the best in the world. To win a race on pure speed and merrit, not a lucky break prooves that Vettel is an exception, especially at 20 years of age. Poor Chris Amon was considered to be one of the top F1 drivers at the height of his career yet he never won an F1 race. (the infamous Amon jinx)
In modern times we have seen the Stewert era followed by Seena and Shumaker. Not withstanding Lewis Hamilton are we entering the Vettel era?

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