German GP: Lewis’ win

With a driver of Lewis Hamilton’s calibre at McLaren, Ferrari must be doing their nut trying to figure out what’s going wrong with their red cars. Both of their drivers underperformed today, and at the Brit GP the team themselves underperformed by getting the strategy all wrong.

I wouldn’t want to be on the end of the phone when Ferrari head honcho Luca di Montezemolo rings up demanding to know why they lost the race today. The only possible answer for the team to give with any chance of getting them off the hook consists of two words: Lewis Hamilton.

Because even di Montezemolo would have to admit that Lewis really is on top of his game. His drive today was assured, impressive and he appeared to have total control, at nearly every point.

The way he went after Toyota’s Jarno Trulli after his first stop showed that the reckless Lewis still tries to get the better of the race winning Lewis, but that was the only flash of concern on a day when everything else was so right.

Why Massa made being overtaken so much easier for Lewis I guess we’ll never know, but even if Massa hadn’t left that door open, I don’t think it would have caused too many problems for Hamilton today, who was simply on fire.

This feels like a turning point in the championship and that Lewis is going to run off with the title from here on in, but after the crazy close season that we’ve had so far, it would be silly to expect that.

Because it’s still ever so tight at the top (if Ferrari can sort their house out!)

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