KERS strikes back

All the teams are sorting their Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems for the new rules next year, and you’ve probably heard how a BMW mechanic got zapped by one of their cars during a recent Jerez test. But even if you have, you should still watch this (but be warned, it’s pretty uncomfortable viewing…):

The energy that’s recovered under braking will be stored in the cars and then released via a driver operated button at points of their choosing throughout a race. There should be around an extra 80bhp on offer each lap, for a short duration of 7seconds-ish – or more bursts for shorter durations. It’s hoped to improve the spectacle of F1 by increasing the ability to overtake, coupled with slick tyres and less aero for 2009.

So what do you think? Excited at the prospect? I’m a bit gutted about the aero changes to be honest, because I think that the current cars look awesome with all their flicks and flaks swooping off the cars, but the KERS ability will offer up some interesting new things during a race.

I wonder if drivers will press the boost button and spear off into the wall like I regularly do during Midnight Club on the Playstation?

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You’re right, Dave; ecomentalists don’t get racing.
But plenty of regular, non-preachy, intelligent, environmentally conscious people do, and many of us don’t have, or want, a G-Wiz. We want Elises and F430s and 911s and R8s, but we have accepted that those just aren’t appropriate anymore.
We also love F1’s competition, noise, spectacle, and tire smoke, but times really are changing. And where better to develop new technologies than F1? Diesel, hybrid, electric, and others are coming; I don’t think they can (or should) be stopped. Facts are facts, and unless you want the ecomentalists running the show, why don’t we beat them to the punch? Let McLaren and Honda and Ferrari take care of the R&D so that, 5 or 10 years from now, we don’t have to drive Priuses. I shall be excited when Ferrari and BMW, and F1 deserters like Porsche, can produce a car I want to drive that still lets me put two fingers up to the G-Wiz driver.

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limit the amount of fuel per race, no pitstops except for repairs, and basic aerodinamics. all eco measures directly relatable to real road cars, including kers , diesel , lpg & what have you….! you will see ingenuity at work & plenty interesting new developments.
remember side skirts, extractor fans, mobile air foils, just to mention a few aero beautes, or the 6 weeled brabham, remember the wooden chassis protos, etc.. etc..
basically what i’m saying is when they find somethin new give em some time to develop it & use it & then when its had most of the juice squeezed out of it chek it but leave the door open for new ideas, there are plenty around.
there will always be bernies around to make money out of it, you cant stop them, be real.

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Remember why slicks were replaced with grooved tires? It was because cornering G’s were approaching fighter-jet levels. Back then it a good decision because lower corner speeds meant lower speeds that cars would spear off to a barrier. Which of course meant less risk of getting killed.

Too bad for FIA that they didn’t know the teams could engineer around the problem with aerodynamics. Which lead to where we are now…

Therefore I think restricting aero is a brilliant move. It makes the cars less reliant of aerodynamic grip and therefore making the actual racing more like, actual racing.

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F1 is no longer F1 without all those winglets? FIA to eco-concious? Slicks are just going to bring cornering speed right back up?

Enough with all the complaining! Because I’m sure that every alternate weekend, you are still going to camp in front of a TV and watch the race. And I bet yo’ll still enjoy every millisecond of it!

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F1 isn’t supposed to be the fastest motorsport ! Try Dragsters for that.

KERS + Slicks + Less Aero = more overtaking during GP (ok cars looks ugly but let’s wait to see hw ingeneers react)

Eco : F1 has the most advanced technologies. So i guess it’s normal that F1 try using eco-fuel to improve it. Because that’s what F1 is : a giant lab.

POST 28 & 29 : you’re so right !!!!

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I don’t know about you guys, but im just glad that FIA is going on with the 09 season in the first place. The global economic crisis is no bad right now that we can expect FIA and other motor sport bodies to loose a lot of money.

Look at other motor sports:
Drakar Rally not in Africa any more
Moto GP looses Yamaha and Kawasaki
A1GP about to go bankrupt
F1 new regulations and circuit reductions

I know the new regulations might seem “communistic” but hang tight, cos i can assure you that F1 needs fan support right now through these tough times, otherwise we will all be watching NASCAR!

P.S: Im psyched that the Abu Dhabi grand prix is going as planned cos i reside in Dubai. Im looking forward to being there and watching all our fav drivers try and set blazing records at this new venue. btw the track is awesome!! http://www.yasmarinacircu or

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