KERS strikes back

All the teams are sorting their Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems for the new rules next year, and you’ve probably heard how a BMW mechanic got zapped by one of their cars during a recent Jerez test. But even if you have, you should still watch this (but be warned, it’s pretty uncomfortable viewing…):

The energy that’s recovered under braking will be stored in the cars and then released via a driver operated button at points of their choosing throughout a race. There should be around an extra 80bhp on offer each lap, for a short duration of 7seconds-ish – or more bursts for shorter durations. It’s hoped to improve the spectacle of F1 by increasing the ability to overtake, coupled with slick tyres and less aero for 2009.

So what do you think? Excited at the prospect? I’m a bit gutted about the aero changes to be honest, because I think that the current cars look awesome with all their flicks and flaks swooping off the cars, but the KERS ability will offer up some interesting new things during a race.

I wonder if drivers will press the boost button and spear off into the wall like I regularly do during Midnight Club on the Playstation?

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