Hungarian GP: Heikki’s luck

When Felipe Massa was sitting in the Ferrari caravan after the race, listening to the Finnish anthem being played for winner Heikki Kovalainen, I imagine the Brazilian must have felt a bit like when you discover that your girlfriend used to be a man.

I’d prepared a picture of Felipe Massa to go up with this blog, so much was his pace and apparent command of the grand prix, but I should’ve waited until the end. I feel sorry for him, but then it’s all part of racing, the same as Lewis Hamilton picking up a puncture.

If that hadn’t have happened and Massa hadn’t have blown up, it would’ve been interesting to see what would’ve happened, but it’s all over now.

And even though he was gifted the win, Heikki must be feeling pretty chuffed with his first Formula One win, and he’s certainly proved Bill’s point below that he’s a more than worthy number two at McLaren.

Talking of number twos, what a fantastic result for Toyota’s Timo Glock. He drove a great race and scored a well deserved result.

Unlike Kimi Raikkonen, who’s poor form until right at the last minute was confounding. Yes he was ‘stuck’ behind Fernando Alonso’s Renault for a large part of the race, but come on, he can do better.

The Italian press must be up in arms about what’s going on with him right now (if you’re Italian, then please comment on this and let us know). Maybe Fernando Alonso will get that Ferrari seat at the end of this season after all?

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heikki deserved the win. plain and simple. massa drove really well, but no one knows why the ferrari engine blew. maybe he was just unlucky or maybe they tuned the engine too high to keep up with the mclarens (based on recent results). no one knows yet. kimi didnt push it towards the end because he was also told to slow down and just bring it home. but until they publish what the real reason was (if they do), its impossible to say.

its fun reading everyones comments. i have similar arguments all the time with my bro who is a ferrari nut and me being a mclaren nut, but Amy’s comments are just simply nonsense with no basis at all. ive read a few of her responses and theyre all stupid.

one thing that i loved about this weekend was how alonso kept going off about how bad it wouldve been if he were still in a mclaren (given what happened last year at hungary especially). i think he said that he would have a winning car without the chance to win. to that i say, awesome going heikki! alonso needs to stop talking, stop changing teams, and just drive the damn car or else he will be forgotten. take someone like kimi, does he make a big fuss if massa is doing well? does he complain like a baby that they are favoring massa or that massa is taking his setup techniques? not a word. alonso is a great driver, but stop the whining and drive the damn car. the fact is he gave up the chance to fight for the championship because of his ego.

anyways, this season is probably the most interesting season ive ever followed. lots of races to go and anything can happen.

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i laugh at these people who say there british and say they hate hamilton and mclaren probably because theres hardly any english people in the country al a bunch of foreigners supporting the greasy italiens stfu

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Hamilton is just a british driver, would never be the best or the fastest. To be a F1 champion you need a good team, or need to be a blue blood race driver. BBC can keep trying to promote Hamilton as a good race driver but McLaren is the best team on F1 now.

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I do hate the current anti-anybody who isn’t Lewis Hamilton attitude from all the Britsh F1 ‘Fans’. I use that term loosley: most of them probably latched on last year after supporting Jognny Wilkinson, Kevin Pieterson etc. Eventually they’ll move to next British hopeful.

Anyway as I was saying, while at the British GP this year there were people actually cheering and laughing when Massa spun, how ridiculous is that. I’m British and have suppported Massa since his Sauber days, I’ve also followed Hamilton’s career but I’m not a fan. But even if he spun, would I cheer?

No, because a fan of F1, not a Hamilton ‘fanboy’. Jenson Button has been there always, and with a decent car will show all Hamilton fans what a good British driver is. Mind you, they’ll forget about they’re beloved ‘Lewis’ then and support him.

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An example of what I just said- Chin up wrote-
‘It’s great when it goes wrong for Ferrari’

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“Heikki was just lucky to have that win!” Hahahaa! im laughing my arse off!

How many times Heikki had bad luck, in form of Rain or safety car? i tell you: Every time when there has been either rain or safety car! always Heikkis tactics wents down to sewre. It was Heikkis time to be lucky.

Heikki had change to slow Lewis down in Germany, but he let Lewis go past him. If Heikki would had kept Lewis behind him, Lewis would finnished second, i think Maclaren did own that to Heikki… something concrete, not just warm hand!

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to Zkk
‘can’t believe how stupid some of you guys really seem to be. There was nothing wrong with Kimi’s race. The fact of the matter just happens to be this: YOU CAN NOT PASS ON THAT TRACK. There is ZERO places to pass, and the one driving behind will always be at a disadvantage anyway: it’s just how the track is. As soon as Raikkonen cleared Alonso he was just BLAZING through the field.’
The fact of the matter is he shouldnt have been in that position in the first place with a lousy qualifying effort, he just seemed to be admiring the back of fernandos renault the entire race.

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So unlucky for massa, he had a great drive as did kimi. Ferrari have just proved that there still the best team with the best drivers, I’m sure they will get thier car up to scratch. Mclaren and lewis were so cocky they needed a good kick in the ass. Heikki cant win the championship so with massa going out the real winner is kimi who is now right back in it

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Scuderia Ferrari is the best team ever.

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Lewis Hamilton FTW

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