Hungarian GP: Heikki’s luck

When Felipe Massa was sitting in the Ferrari caravan after the race, listening to the Finnish anthem being played for winner Heikki Kovalainen, I imagine the Brazilian must have felt a bit like when you discover that your girlfriend used to be a man.

I’d prepared a picture of Felipe Massa to go up with this blog, so much was his pace and apparent command of the grand prix, but I should’ve waited until the end. I feel sorry for him, but then it’s all part of racing, the same as Lewis Hamilton picking up a puncture.

If that hadn’t have happened and Massa hadn’t have blown up, it would’ve been interesting to see what would’ve happened, but it’s all over now.

And even though he was gifted the win, Heikki must be feeling pretty chuffed with his first Formula One win, and he’s certainly proved Bill’s point below that he’s a more than worthy number two at McLaren.

Talking of number twos, what a fantastic result for Toyota’s Timo Glock. He drove a great race and scored a well deserved result.

Unlike Kimi Raikkonen, who’s poor form until right at the last minute was confounding. Yes he was ‘stuck’ behind Fernando Alonso’s Renault for a large part of the race, but come on, he can do better.

The Italian press must be up in arms about what’s going on with him right now (if you’re Italian, then please comment on this and let us know). Maybe Fernando Alonso will get that Ferrari seat at the end of this season after all?

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