Hungarian GP: random thoughts

First, a couple of things I’d like to hear/see less of. I don’t like these ‘promo chats’ the team bosses or engineers do with their drivers after the race over the pit-to-car radio. Like Ron Dennis’ soliloquoy at Lewis after last week’s race in Germany. Ferrari’s guilty of it too. Where will it end?

Maybe the networks will sort it when Ron says something like: ‘Well done Lewis. Well driven. We’re sorry we made it harder for you in the race than it should have been by making a couple of decisions that we considered correct at the time but through post-analysis and thorough revision we realise made it slightly more difficult for you as a driver than it should have been, but we, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, are a team and we win as a team as well as lose as a team and we give our drivers equal treatment because we’re racers and I’d like to thank our title sponsors Vodafone and of course Mercedes-Benz, Mobil 1, Hugo Boss and Aigo and the rest of the sponsors and the team and all of the team members’ parents and the team members and sponsors’ other family members and pets and friends and everyone else connected with the team that is Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – pets include cats, budgerigars and fish. Fish are quite good but you have to keep the tanks clean, otherwise there is an odour. Thanks again Lewis. Well driven’.

Shut up, please. Just say ‘well done Lewis’ and forget the rest of it, despite the fact that the whole world is listening. Enough!!

And another thing: for Anthony Hamilton’s sake, can all of the world’s TV producers not zero in on him when he’s in the pit garage? I’m sick of seeing shots of Anthony’s concerned face. It’s not his fault that he’s constantly picked up by the cameras and I don’t blame him for one moment for supporting his son, but it’d be good for him to make a formal appeal to the TV networks to keep away from him. It’s just getting a bit weird, the old ‘zoom into Anthony’s face, zoom out to see Lewis in the cockpit’ shot.

And the last thing – Kovalainen. It’s no surprise whatever to see his contract renewed. He’s absolutely the perfect partner for Hamilton. I can see those two being together for a while, or for as long as the Finn can keep his cool and accept that he’s just slightly slower than the demon Lewis and can do nothing about it because he doesn’t have the skill. Look at qualifying in Hungary… who knows what the fuel loads are and what the difference in load makes, but Hamilton is 0.2secs quicker than Heikki. And has had a similar advantage earlier in the year and also in the races. Perfect. Heikki is close enough to Lewis to push him, and to make sure Lewis, as the quicker driver, knows that if he drops his form or has an off day, Heikki will be right there to make him look shite.

Remember that it’s Heikki’s first year at McLaren, too, so he’ll get quicker and more confident as time goes on. And that small margin means he’s fast enough to keep the other teams and drivers at bay and hopefully put a bit of a buffer behind Hamilton when required. And, perhaps more important than all of that in some ways, he’s a good bloke and well liked by the team. Well done Heikki. You’ve proved you’re not quite as good as Lewis to the absolute perfect degree. Contract renewed.

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