Euro GP: preview

Spain’s third largest city has converted an area around the harbour into a modern street circuit with the help of the famous track designer Hermann Tilke. The circuit is 3.380 miles long, has 25 turns (14 right, 11 left) and a 200mph straight.

The average lap time is expected to be in the low 1m 37s, although looking at the times from this morning the drivers are struggling to get into the 1m 40s

The temporary street track is closer in layout to Montreal than Monaco, which means some seriously high speeds and many opportunities for overtaking. There are two slow corners (12 and 17) preceded by a long straight; expect drama here.

Perhaps the most dramatic part of the track is the swing bridge. Yes, the fastest racing cars in the world will pass over a Valencia’s canal via a swing bridge that has been positioned between the south and north marinas. We presume the drivers won’t be asked to stop and pay a toll before crossing the bridge…

STR’s Sebastian Vettel was this morning’s fastest runner, with Kimi Rakkonen going quickest in the afternoon. A few surprises were thrown up in second practice with Renault’s Fernando Alonso taking second and Honda’s Jenson Button third.

So all’s looking rather exciting for tomorrow’s qualifying wouldn’t you say?

The 57-lap race itself kicks off on Sunday at 1300 and get this: severe thunderstorms are forecast. Yikes.

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this looks promising :p

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…stupid monaco copy, racing will be boring and theres no charachter like at monaco. Another ridiculous ecclestoneR idea, like racing at night. thunderstorms will make it good, but its not a proper grand prix. the sooner this race goes the better. I suggest a finnish grand prix, the germans had two GP for Schumacher, the spanish get 2 GP for Alonso, therefor shouldnt the finnish get at least one race? Having said that maybe we’ll need to have a second british GP or a polish one in the future dependent on the World Champ!

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Nice! love new tracks, shows the good drivers… and can’t wait for the night race…

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overtaking and crashing!what exactly is the problem?

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it is not a proper street race – can you drive along it? No – that’s why that motorway goes past.

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After seeing the GP2 race I’m confident in this track. Finally an entertaining track from Hermann Tilke after he’s ruined so many others. Its obviously not going to match the spectacle of Monaco but it doesn’t try, its about as different from Monaco as Spa is !

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