Euro GP: should he?

Well, should he have won? Technically I mean. Felipe Massa certainly drove a storming race at the inaugural Valencia street circuit, but after pulling out of his pit box directly into the path of Adrian Sutil, he might not hang on to the first place. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

The incidient will be investigated now the race is over, and if Ferrari are found guilty, he could get at least a 10 second penalty, demoting him from first and handing Lewis Hamilton the place.

It certainly wasn’t Massa’s fault, but I can’t see what excuse Ferrari could possibly employ to get him off any kind of come back. And if it was any other team, I’d imagine they’d have had a drive through penalty during the race.

Ferrari have made quite a few errors this season, and Kimi’s engine letting go the very next race after Massa’s popped a con rod, they’ve certainly got plenty to worry about before the next outing.

It also looks like Massa will now be the main focus of Ferrari’s attentions going in to the end of the season, what with Kimi seemingly losing interest with each race that he drives.

But what do you think?

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