Belgian GP: different strokes

One year on and Spa is a different place. Very different. Twelve months ago, when you arrived on Friday morning, it was best to avoid visiting the Ferrari and McLaren compounds. Do either and you were being seen to take sides.

It was the morning after the FIA delivered their verdict in a Paris courtroom. Remember that one? A fine of 100 million dollars and all of McLaren’s constructors points removed.

Talk about a poisoned atmosphere. McLaren were wounded in every sense and
Ferrari felt the verdict was not severe enough. Best place to go for breakfast was somewhere like Spyker or Toro Rosso in order to avoid causing offence.

I posted a blog on this website expressing surprise about the outcome and came under verbal assault from a Ferrari representative a couple of hours later. At least he had been reading a decent web site.

Lewis Hamilton was caught in the middle. All he wanted to do was get stuck into Spa rather than, as the media hoped, Ferrari and the FIA. Hamilton had been to the court to offer support and he came away giving the bemused impression of a kid who had been forced to go to the police station for riding his bike without lights. All he wanted to do was get on with his job and have fun and this, clearly, was not fun.

This morning he was all smiles as he strode through the paddock. The air high in the Ardennes is misty and cool but free of the suspicion and hatred that pervaded the atmosphere 12 months ago. Hamilton clearly loves this place. It’s a proper race track which, as Fernando Alonso says, gives the impression that you are actually going somewhere. And going very quickly.

At 4.35 miles, Spa is the longest track on the F1 calendar. It is also the best by a million miles. After the acrimony of last year and the constrictions of the Hungaroring and the limitations of Valencia a couple
of weeks ago, the inescapable feeling is one of getting on with what we’re here for. Let proper battle commence.

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Let me admit at once that I’m a Ferrari fan, and a big one at that, ever since the mid 70’s in fact. Right now I’d like to show my support to McLaren and Lewis Hamilton though, as yesterday’s decision to penalize Lewis is frankly one of the FIA’s most stupid to date. And that, unfortunately, speaks volumes.
This is frankly turning our beloved sport into something of a farce, it seems to me the FIA has lost all bearing on fair play and has embarked on a crusade against McLaren. I don’t like this at all and I hope fans all over the world will join forces in telling the FIA that this just won’t fly.

Sorry Lewis, sorry McLaren, but please shoot at the FIA this time and not Ferrari.

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Classic! Thanks for Kimi, Felipe didnt challenge Lewis, But Kimi came from behind and showed why he’s called “Iceman”. Ofcourse people are “whinning” about Hamiltons penalty, but it was quiet clear case, Hamilton did let Kimi pass him, like he should but didnt leave a clear cap between ’em.

Rain though did once again Tricks on Kimi, but it was classic race anyway. Overtakes – Thanks Kovalainen – and drama. All crowned with batlle for 3 to 6 or 7th spot at last laps, last corner, how many cars Alonso took over at last corner?

My podium:
Kimi – King of Spa.
Lewis – It takes wo good drivers to make a show.
Heikki – Overtaking hard on modern day formulas? BS!
Heidfeld – Specially showd tactical eye if it was hes decision to change intermediate tyres.
Der Seb and Le Seb – STR Ferrari seems to be on good mood, Bourdais and Vettel had both strong race, in my oppinion.

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I can’t belive hamiltion didn’t win! cmon he should but a 25 sec pen is RUBBISH!

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Come on blokes, how can we as motor sport fans tolerate the travesty inflicted upon Hamilton at the belgian Grand Prix.

We demand as fans, craft, skill, honour and sportsmanship. If the FIA do not want to supply, us the fans with an equal and fair sport, then we collectively, the fans, should boycott it. So thats what I am going to do. Support Hamilton and stay away, with my small percentage of the FIA advertising budget.

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I don’t see how the penalty (+25secs) imposed on Hamilton bears any relationship to the “crime”. The change in driver positions is unfairly disrupted and makes a mockery of the race. Other F1 rules are equally without a rational basis… eg Fixed drive through penalties, dropping 10 grid positions, Safety car rules…in fact the whole of F1 is a a debacle of a circus and a complete waste of everyones time, space and resources.

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Go to this Petition sign it if you care about an even contest in F1;
http://www.petitiononline .com/belgp08/petition.htm l

And add your comments to, the F1 hierarchy can not be allowed to get away with this! Let them know precisely what is at stake here.

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where did the 25 come from?

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