Belgian GP: quali

So that wasn’t what I was expecting to happen. I assumed that Kimi Raikkonen would qualify on pole for tomorrow’s Belgian Grad Prix, but he isn’t there, and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton sits atop the pile instead, 0.3 seconds ahead of second place man Felipe Massa.

That huge gap would seem to suggest that Hamilton’s McLaren is lighter on fuel than the Ferrari of Massa, but Lewis’ supreme confidence in the press conference would seem to suggest otherwise. He seemed very pleased with himself – after that lap, who wouldn’t? – where usually he saves his smiles for after the actual race itself.

So the Ferraris look to be on the back foot this weekend, and Spa could prove to be the undoing of Raikkonen’s championship title hopes. It would certainly be a strange event for Kimi not to be right at the front tomorrow on a track where he’s run so well in the past, and he certainly needs a good result or Ferrari are going to chuck everything behind Massa for the rest of the season, but things really don’t look to be going his way.

So what do you think, is this the end of Kimi’s challenge? Will Lewis win out tomorrow?

Let us know.

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lewis ftw. dunno whats happened to raikkonen this year.

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where is the fair side of Hamilton?

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