Belgian GP: race of the year?

This was race was more exciting on the first lap alone than the whole of the Euro GP the other week. There were tussles going on all over the track from the start to the finish, and proved once again why Spa is such a good place to race. Great entertainment.

As soon as Lewis Hamilton span at the beginning of the race it looked like it was going to be all Raikkonen. And it was, until the rain came down and he backed off, into the oncoming Hamilton.

Lewis overtook through the chicane, let Kimi back through, then overtook him again properly and made it stick. Then Kimi binned it into the wall and that was that. All with only a lap and a half to go.

It certainly seems like Kimi’s title fight is over, and Lewis proved his worth in awful conditions. He risked everything and won they day, and you can’t ask for more than that.

But as for the rest of the field, there’s just not enough room here to talk about it all, so I’ll hand over to you…

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