Belgian GP: advantage Ferrari

We can argue all day about the rights and wrongs of what Lewis did but for the record, I’m with the majority in thinking he’s been shafted – again. How can he have gained unfair momentum when he clearly lifted, let Kimi past and tucked in behind him before re-passing at the next corner?

The law of physics says that for Kimi to have passed he must have had more momentum at that point, end of story. Except that there is more than one voice in the TG office that reckons he should have backed off even more.

Obviously they are wrong – Lewis was miles faster than Kimi at that point and would have been up his chuff into La Source anyway. And if you want to talk about gaining unfair momentum by going off the track, did anyone else clock just how much grip, and therefore speed, Kimi picked up on the following lap when he himself ran off the circuit and took to the run off area? That mistake allowed him to close right back onto Lewis’ tail and that to me very clearly was an advantage.

I guess we can, and probably will, argue about this for months to come. The fact of the matter is that it made no difference to the race result – Kimi was busy screwing up all on his own on those last few laps anyway – and for the lacklustre Massa and Heidfeld to go down in the history books as finishing in P1 and P2 is just plain wrong.

But all of this is symbolic of a much more important issue that faces F1. My six year old lad is at the same age now as I was when I first became obsessed with F1 and the sport needs him and his like.

Having endured a monumentally dull race at Valencia he actually became quite animated during the closing stages of Spa but this morning he went to school bloody furious at the steward’s decision.

I don’t think he’ll bother watching Monza. You see, regardless of whether the masses are right about that duff decision, the general consensus is that F1 isn’t ruled fairly. Folk believe that there is one rule for Ferrari, one rule for the others and another rule altogether for McLaren.

And for as long as that’s the case they have a problem. I’m not sure I can be bothered investing two hours every other Sunday watching a sport that is largely processional if I can’t be certain that at least the result will be a fair one.

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The British Press has pushed Lewis Hamilton up on a imaginary podium by comparing him to Senna, Schumacher and even God ?

Even a thing that Lewis him self is starting to do.

even is in favor of the boy, a site that should be objective to the sport.

All the talk about the FIA being on some ones side

“The grass is always greener on the other side”

Ferrari was so dominant years back that the FIA made changes to the regulations so other teams could be in the fight. I think that was fair.
To be honest I think a lot of you forgot that Ron Dennis should be behind bars for having illegal documents in his possession.
McLaren got of with a fine, I think you have all forgotten that.
And you should be happy that they are even in F1 this year.

I think it is good for the sport that McLaren is so strong and that they are in such a close fight for the championship.

This case has been blown out of proportions by the press.

but I’m sure we will se more exciting races in the future, but I please for the sake of the sport. An old saying that fits this so well
” Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house “

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I am really after a pair of these, but does anyone notice the prices creeping up? Why is this?

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