Belgian GP: cheat?

Interesting that Hamilton has been penalised for his move at the Belgian GP. I’m one of the dissenters Adam mentioned in his blog, by the way. I think it’s harsh and maybe not quite fair, but I’m not surprised. He did a naughty thing and I blame Senna and Schumacher as much as Hamilton.

But more on that later.

When I saw that incident live, I – like many others, no doubt – shouted at the TV “you’ve got to let him through, you’ve got to let him through”, directed at Hamilton because he hadn’t made the corner and shouldn’t take advantage.

I shouted that because I really wanted Hamilton to win and not get penalised – I liked the way he was hunting down Kimi. And I’m a Kimi fan. Then I noticed that he’d not backed off enough. That he’d used the extra momentum and his car’s position to give himself a better chance to attack Raikkonen at the hairpin. And at that point I thought ‘sneaky little b*****d’.

I haven’t done much racing but I’ve done enough to know that you can’t get on the throttle at the same time as the car in front of you, if you’re right behind him. Logic dictates that you’ll pass the point you can apply maximum throttle slightly after the guy in front does, that he will be able to get on the throttle earlier, and he will therefore accelerate at a greater rate as you head down the next straight. In this case, the straight wasn’t long enough to allow slipstreaming to negate such a disadvantage.

What Hamilton did, in the split seconds between being forced to cut the chicane and rejoining the track, was decide that he would get his car straight, get on the throttle early alongside Raikkonen, ease off JUST enough to make it look like he’d eased off enough, then use his momentum to attack Raikkonen more effectively at the next corner. If you’re being hard and not-quite-fair (maybe), Hamilton should be penalised for trying that on. It was a cynical, devious little piece of race craft.

I’ve looked at it time after time, and I can’t think any differently. Sorry, everyone. It was the move of a cheat. Hamilton used the fact that he’d missed the corner, and used the position of his car, to gain an advantage over Raikkonen that he wouldn’t have had if he’d exited the corner behind the Ferrari on the racing line.

Hamilton has learned this sort of cunning from the likes of Senna and Schumacher. Especially the latter, who pushed the rules to the very edge whenever he could, then waited to see whether anything would be done about it. In this case, maybe Hamilton will think twice about such unfair play in the future. I hope so. He’s too talented to have to resort to cheating like this. Because I have no doubt – none whatsoever – that Hamilton was being unfair coming out of that corner. And deep down, I reckon he knows it too.

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Hahaha that is genius Jon!!!!

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Compliments, Jon!

It seems many people doesn’t (want to) see a difference between cutting a chicane (deliberately) to get the advantage and being pushed out while driving in parallel with he other one who would do anything to defend his position…

And, is there really nothing in the rules to prevent risking the crash and put other racers in danger?! As hamilton was already in front of Kimi, who released the brake and turned a bit to the left, just to try to prevent unavoidable…

Shame on Kimi for that, and shame on the others who approve such “racing” (including some F1 racers, who approve FIA stewards decision – I sincerely hope Kimi will push one of them out at the one of the following races, I wonder if they will still keep the same principle of judging if it will be their ass, in particular if it will be put in danger by such maneuver)!

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Exactly LUTi, most people are saying that Hamilto cut the chicane so he could cheat it was Kimi who pushed him off of the race track. If you watch it again you can clearly see the Ferrari pushed him off, no hamilto had two choices; brake rreally hard and no matter what go into Kimi, or cut the chicane. He chose the later. Obviously this did give hi an advantage in the begining, however, he gave up this place by GOING SLOWER THAN KIMI!!! If Kimi was full throttle he would have been able to pull away from Hamilton but Hamilton got behind him and used his slipstream to gain speed. THIS ISN’T ILLEGAL. Hamilton then used his greater skill in the wet to pass the nervous and frightened Kimi in the next corner

Why cant more people understand LUTi??

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Hamilton didn’t even use Kimi’s slistream on the straight he only used his greater skill in the wet to be faster and better. Also what about Kimi taking Hamilton because of the Williams car blocking the racetrack, granted Kimi span and then Hamilton went through but I think that was a bit unsporting, taking a car when another car got in it’s way. Screw you Kimi!!!

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Well if Hamilton was unfair Kimi then went wide on the next corner, if not the next the one after and built up his speed on the runoff area so that he could gain extra speed and then get up behind Hamilton again. Is that not gaining an advantage?? Also say if Hamiltion didnt try to overtake until after the corner he would have then overtook Kimi as Kimi would have got stuck behind Rosberg and not Lewis. Finally it wouldnt have really mattered if Kimi was infront or behind because as you know full well he then crashed

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Also another thing. Say for instance that it was Lewis infront and Kimi behind at the chicane. Kimi cuts corner gives the position back and over takes into next corner. I bet if that was the case the stewards wouldnt have even thought about given a penalty and if they did it would be a fine which any driver of there level could pay with ease.
Like the case with Massa in Valencia when he had an unsafe exit from the pit which it clearly was. As you could see there could have been a serious accident blocking the pits and they only gave him a 10 grand fine.
In my opinion and many other people will proberly agree is that these stewards are biased whether its to do with Ferari favortism, The fact that Hamiton is English or coloured or any other reasons it dosnt matter its still very biased.

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Two last comment for now is the fact that it didnt say in the FIA rule book that they have to wait to the next corner or be behind someone a certain amount of time before you can overtake again. The wait until the next corner rule didnt exist until Monza which proves a bit unfair as Hamilton didnt know this in the race before. I find that rule a bit stupid because what if the corner then goes on to a very long straight like the one after la rouge at Spa. This will be out of order because then the person infront is gaining an advantage bacause he has no risk or the person behind overtaking again. And it will be a pain if the person infront is alot slower which you could then have the risk or someone then overtaking you which again gives the driver infront an advantage again.
Finally back to the Massa incident in Velencia. Massa gets a fine which is the best penalty a driver could have for a start whereas Hamilton had the worst knowing that he has won and 2 hours later he is dropped to 3rd. How annoyed and upset would you feel in that position. A desision should have been made before Hamilton lifted that trophy. Also at Valencia it is impossible to overtake so a drive through, stop and go or a time penalty for Massa would at least have gave someone a chance to even overtake and at Spa where its easy to overtake, as Hamilton and alot of other drivers proved, Lewis then gets a time penalty 2 hours after the race. Surly a fine would have been better for that race as anything could happen overtaking wise.

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To call Hamilton a cheat is totally idiotic. Does no-one realise that these actions take place in split seconds of time and moves such as this are rarely planned in advance! It seems that the Hamilton knockers conveniently forget all the incredible driving that he did to catch Raikkonen in the wet. You only have to compare him against Raikkonen at yesterday’s Italian GP. Hamilton moved up to as high as second whereas Raikkonen stayed more or less where he started! Get a life and back a British car and driver.

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Hmmmm…Frankie,does a F1 car not have a steering wheel?How do you possibly draw the conclusion that Lewis only ended up on the inside of La Source because he cut the corner?Doesn’t overtaking in F1 usually involve just that,overtaking on the inside?So surely every time someone completes an overtaking manoeuvre,they’ve cut the previous corner?

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okay, he was lees speed of 6kmh, but all of us know in half a second it can be gained back. the acceleration of these cars are fast. any driver could lift off the gas a bit, but after the finish line, he could floor it and whola, you’re as fast or faster than your opponent(if your opponent does floor the trottle a bit slower than you.

he almost got away with it, but he did not cheat. a cheat would be senna-like or shumi like tactics.

but when kimi crashed, even if a ferarri fan, i accepted that ham should win, and not be taken away, because i saw racing and the racecraft of each driver. it meant that it didn’t affect the result(nick and massa were not even contending for that lead)

-ham did not cheat, but almost got away with a deceptive move punishable but a bit harsh since the two drivers ahead of him in the race result didn’t even challenged him for the lead)
-ham should’ve still won(because kimi crashed out)
-and the 6kmh less is not a good basis(he might have been a little slower, but if kimi was doing 210, he’s doing 204 after lifting a bit, then he could floor it and regain the disadvantage. and kimi moved offline which caused him to lose the lead)
i sure have hoped massa would have gotten the win properly and not through the boardroom.

im a ferrari fan that belives ham should’ve won but almost got away with it with a decieving move which has to be penalised not harsher than a fine or a 10s penalty, the way things are going for the inconsistent fia punishments

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I reckon he got poor traction on the run-off area, had little grip, kimi went past, and that were that

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And Hazy Boy, if you think using another car to overtake is unsporting, you know nowt about f1, because people do it all the time. see hakkinen 2000, spa.

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I think ill watch more Indycar instead,, and less F1 and this B.S noise in Who did Who and Who did What EGO TRIPing nonsense..

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Check this out!

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