Italian GP: here we go!

Monza has a unique buzz. Even on a Thursday. There is something about the place that is difficult to pin point but all you know is that the pulse quickens as you drive through the gates of this ancient wooded park.

Maybe it’s seeing the old banking (last used for F1 in 1961); perhaps it’s the history that comes with epic races and sad events (hard to believe it’s 30 years since the great Ronnie Peterson died of injuries received during a first-lap crash); frequently it’s because September at Monza is usually contract time for the following season (there’s no better place than Italy to foster rumours and mad speculation).

It’s not difficult to imagine what’s firing up the old autodome this time round. The final laps at Spa continue to dominate conversation, bringing an added frisson to the usual Thursday press conferences.

McLaren kicked off at 2.30pm. Usually this is a huddle with Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren Brand Centre: international media first, then the Brits. This time, McLaren rightly figured that their boy might be a tad more popular than usual and a full blown press conference was set up for all and sundry.

You’ll be able to read the lengthy quotes elsewhere, so let’s just sum up the mood by saying Hamilton appeared cool, genuinely relaxed and upbeat.

His attitude was along the lines of: ‘I really enjoyed last Sunday’s race; it was a fantastic battle; I couldn’t do any more and, as far as I’m concerned, I won that race and I’m here to continue the fight.’

The only contentious part of his talk came in an answer to the question about Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari appearing to have less grip.

“Well, that’s his driving, that’s all,” said Hamilton. “That is how he drives. If you don’t have the balls to brake late then that is your problem! At the end of the day, in those situations it is the driver who can feel the grip more and put the car more on the edge. And I know I am great in those conditions. I felt the grip more than him, I knew where to place my car and I did place it in different positions to him and I found the grip.”

That’s a point of view, I suppose. It was the work of a moment for the media to nip along to the Ferrari motorhome and put the point to Raikkonen.

Talk about a waste of time. Kimi probably expresses more interest when the barman calls last orders in his favourite Helsinki watering hole. Basically, ‘Whatever’ sums it up. Raikkonen simply said there are rules and other people apply the penalties and what was done, was done.

Move on to the FIA official press conference, and the inevitable question: ‘What did you make of the Hamilton incident at Spa?’ Giancarlo Fisichella, Sebastien Bourdais, Jarno Trulli, Nico Rosberg and Felipe Massa said that Hamilton definitely did gain an advantage by taking to the run-off area but
all five agreed that the 25-second penalty was harsh.

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Obzi said…”at least he HAS a personality unlike Kimi…”

you mean kimi raikkonen, the guy that gets hammered in public, tumbles from boats, harasses women, and whose fans wear gorilla masks? yeah, no personality there…

hamilton really is a spoiled little cock. there’s a finn with no balls alright, but he drives a mclaren.

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Hamiltons arrogance is only an attribute of being lucky enough to start his career in one of the top cars if not the top car this season, put him in say a BMW and the results he was getting UNHEARD OF, especially inhis rookie season maybe later in his LUCKY career.

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why is everyone being unfair to hamilton? Hamilton will the championship no matter how much the FIA cock his reputation up. If you think the FIA are not being biased towards Ferrari, then you are either an OAP or blind

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Let me clarify myself i’m not saying hamilton is rubbish or useless, he wouldn’t be chalenging for the championship if he was he would be alongside alonso even with his great car. All i am saying is he has had things fairly easy “started from the top”(mclaren) and ironically the only job that starts from the top is digging a grave

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Have you forgotten when Lewis Hamilton was “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” in the Suzuki Liana? Watch the lap, watch Clarkson’s conclusions then forget how useless the FIA are and go and have a beer.

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Is it cos he is black?

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what beer? budweiser, becks, carling?

what about cider or wine.

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every driver needs a beer after a gruelling 90 minute race.

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OK. so forget physics. lets see 6 km/h in a formula 1 car and then immediately getting in a slipstream of another car might be somewhat cheating. Kimi’s balls huh. lmao. heres the thing, in the dry your somehow miles off pace but when you watch the cockpit cameras on this very site you see raikkonen struggling to keep his car from oversteering on even a straight every 2 seconds his hands go wild. we watch lewis’s video and its quite noticeable his car seems more balanced. it has nothing to do with testicles at all i would think. if you want to talk about who has got more testicles (2 i would suppose for every man, unless Mr. Hamilton has some unknown disease where extra testicles are grown) then both of you, kimi and you i mean, get in the same car, with the same track…and let us see who comes out on top. The british media has to try to be a little less biased then the coverage so far…i mean i understand that hes british and all, but it would be better for all of us if emotions didn’t cloud our senses yes? just ask kimi.

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Mind those chicanes, cheat….I mean, Lewis, and if you do decide to cut them, make sure when you let the driver past, you’re going slower than you were through the chicane. Don’t get me wrong, I support everything British, but Lewis is just too arrogant for my liking, he’s had everything done for him by Ron Dennis, how many other other drivers have been nurtured like Lewis? The likes of Damon Hill had to work blo*dy hard to get into F1, he even had to get a REAL job to support his career.

Lewis Hamilton, Brtians Micheal Shumacher.

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@ topstop

in SA he would not be classified as a black he would be a coloured the same as i am

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Who cares what colour he is? Doesn’t matter…Jesus!

At least Clarkson admits he knows shit about racing, just like he admits he knows shit about cars. And as it happens, I like Clarkson a hell of a lot for than that arrogant little pillock called Hamilton.

And I’m sick & tired of the ITV F1 crew thinking Lewis is some sort of racing god & that he does everything great! The first 20 minutes of todays qualifying was just about that crap at Spa, Lweis was innocent, Lewis was in the right blah, blah…..He cut the chicane, he backed off to let Kimi by, it wasn’t by much, only 6k’s slower, big deal, he got punished, thats it, he cheated, end of! Talk about biased!

I lost respect for Mclaren last year with all this “Having Ferrari blue prints” stuff. They were my first team, but now, they suck, that was lower than Ferrari would go to cheat.

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I said:

“Have you forgotten when Lewis Hamilton was “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” in the Suzuki Liana? Watch the lap, watch Clarkson’s conclusions then forget how useless the FIA are and go and have a beer.”

IhateHamilton said:

That was the biggest load of b****cks ever. 1) A stupid Top Gear celeb-lap does not prove anything. 2) Clarkson does not know a s**t about racing actually.

Firstly, mind your language.

Secondly, if the Top Gear Celeb gears are stupid, then you’re on the wrong forum.

Thirdly, Clarkson has done some racing which is probably more than you’ve ever done.

If you can’t provide something to this without resorting to foul language or insults then go away.


Williams F1 forever!

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Go Lewis Hamilton!!!!!!!!!!

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I felt soort for Lewis on Sunday, he drove his socks off during a race that required dingy’s and not cars. Well done Lewis. But are McLaren letting the drivers down, bad tyre choices at qualifing? Quite slow pit lane operations?
Lewis did not deserve to lose his win in Belguim, He didn’t do anything wrong, maybe new rules are being invented all the time by Ferrari
Maybe the FIA shouild have a new meaning should it be the Ferrari Influenced Autosport (FIA)

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Well I didn’t felt sorry for him at all, Hamilton should’ve spun, but then he would say “if I stayed on I would’ve won.” IF IF IF. Just like I felt only a bit sorry for massa at canada, he went down, then came up againg at 4th, overtook 2 cars on a tight corner. And to MCMC, who said Senna and other drivers were arrogant. Senna was focused, knew how to race in the wet like NO ONE, i remember an interview with D.Hill, when he said that when everyone was being cautious and worrying, like: “I’ll brake here very early…” Senna just passed by them, he just went like no other driver, the racing conditions didn’t matter. Remember Donington 1993, Suzuka 1988, Brazil 1991 and 1993. Yes, Senna was a bit arrogant sometimes, but he delivered his promisses and was honest to every other adversary. Even to Alain Prost!

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Check out the Massa pitstop in Singapore, ch?v=VuW0Ba5eSgc


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