Italian GP: Vettel 1

Now that was super exciting! What an amazingly bizarre grid qualifying at Monza has left us with for tomorrow’s race. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight just thinking about what’s going to happen.

Anyway, I’ll try and calm down a bit.

Sebastian Vettel drove super well and showed the big guns the way home today, setting quick times in all three quali sessions and ending with his first ever pole position.

McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen  looks set for a cracking race tomorrow however, as it should be drier than today so the MP4-23 will be considerably quicker than Vettel’s STR (or will it?).

Then Mark Webber’s Red Bull is in third, followed by another Red Bull car, Sebastian Bourdais’ STR.

And what of Hamilton, Raikkonen and Massa? What of them indeed. Lewis made a confusing error and chose to go out in Q2 on intermediate tyres, and that coupled with a seeming lack of confidence, his car just plain didn’t work.

Kimi’s in 14th so he had a shocker also, but Felipe faired considerably better up in 6th. If he stays ahead of Lewis by the end of the race, he’ll be setting himself up well for the championship.

So, it’s sure to be interesting tomorrow, let us know what you think.

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just watch me (not me, but Vettel) win.
Kimi for second, while Hamilton says ciao to the wall, and the carbon fiber of the front of the car. at least he wont have to leave his steering wheel, they seem to detach easily

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From my understanding all are on dry set ups because the race was expected to be dry and you cant change set up between qualifying and race. It was the same in GP2 race where they all had dry set ups even though it was very wet.

I thikn the only people with wet set ups would have been maybe Honda and Force India, in order to get as far up the grid as possible. However, with a normal wet set up it would have been possible to run the majority of sessions 1 and 2 on normal wets due to the increased grip from the greater downforce. They’d also have been a fair bit faster than those on the dry set up with extreme wets.

Other than that I completely agree with you, especially about the tyres at Spa as it did seem that way.

And to James Allen, if Massa spins five times (which I seriously doubt he will) then god help Hamilton who had the least car control yesterday of all the drivers.

Oh yeah, when ITV lost the timing for each sector etc and they were following Vettel on one of his flying laps, he was driving like a man possessed. He was mesmerisingly quick through Ascari where everyone else seemed to struggle.

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proves hamilton is not as good he had a decent drive at fuji and belgium anyone could of spun. yesterday hamilton proved that these were luck. golden boy deseerved to be last after that performance. it was dreadful well done vettel i would like to see him in a ferrari and see if he could challenge for the title. If he keeps going like he has in the last 5 to 7 races he will be a world champion. hamilton reminds me of damon hill. Mr innocent and a great driver supposdly.Let me put it this way. Schumacher and hamilton both do the same thing which is questionable. Scumacher gets berated hamilton gets sympathy and says that the fia r biased. At monaco schumacher supposdly stopped at rasscase stopping people going fatser so he keeps pole. Hamilton cut the chicane on purpose and took advantage cus he could of cut behind. Hmailton cheats to win a race schumacher it looks like make a mistake to keep pole. who gets teh abuse schumacher abviously because st lewis could not do anything wrong its pathetic.There r and where many better drivers. Today proved that hamilton is behind a lot of people in terms of talent he just has a good ferrari/mclaren (spygate) to drive. anyone good in that field would of won the title in that but no. hamilton mr overrated and vettel mr future. Before u ask i am british

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I agree with Matt, despita all the writing mistake, he’s right.

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Vodafone and McLaren are selling bad publicity. Trust me Hammilton will lose the most than these other two partners of his. He is such a useless, spoilt and Puff Daddy wanna be over rated driver.

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