Italian GP: wind of change

It’s refreshing to see a smiling face rather than a hardened campaigner in the post-quali press conference with the attitude that this a chore to got through before the interesting business of a four-hour debrief with his engineer followed by a glass of water and an aspirin salad with his fitness guru.

Sebastian Vettel received a warm round of applause from journalists waiting in the media centre and he didn’t stop grinning all the way through. Vettel has such an infectious smile; it was impossible not to feel happy for the 21-year-old, particularly on a day when he really did the business.

True, he drove with the flair and confidence of someone who knew he had a good car beneath him. But he really used it to good effect during atrocious conditions that caught out more experienced drivers.

There was a nice touch when the fastest three were asked to recall the last time they had won a race in the wet. Before anyone could speak, Vettel nudged Mark Webber, sitting to his left, and said: ‘Well, before he says anything, it would have been last year at Fuji for Mark if it hadn’t been for me!’ a reference to Vettel driving into the back of Webber’s Red Bull as they followed the safety car in the pouring rain.

Webber laughed and put his arm round Vettel’s shoulder. It had been a bit different at Fuji when Webber made a pointed remark about this being what happens when you put ****ing school boys in Formula One cars.

That 21-year-old with the big grin earned his stripes during qualifying here at Monza. Now he’s got to make it pay during 53 laps. If it’s wet, don’t rule out seeing that smiling face before the cameras on Sunday afternoon.

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Vettel WON.

This is why people prefer Vettel and a lot of young drivers over Hamilton. Vettel won in a car rated about 10th. Hamilton wins in a car rated 1st. If Hamilton won in a car rated 5th or less more people would respect his talent.

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i am happy for vettel lol he raced well against kovalinen plus id rather have a tor rosso win the race than a ferrari.

so hamilton is now 1 point ahead of massa that would mean that hes 7 points ahead lol go hamilton.

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wooo gooo vettel

no doubt hamilton will be penalised fpr something.

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@Jeroen… sorry don’t even know the guy XD

Also amazing victory from Vettel, outstanding race… always love to see an “underdog” win (remember people, about 80% of Torro Rosso crew is the same crew as from Minardi a couple of years ago)
Altough it was a bit anomynous, it’s still a very nice achievement.

Kovolainen was even more anomynous.. I think I’ve seen him only 2-3 times during the race, but again he did it, and he did it well.

Massa dissapointed, he had a perfect oppertunity to gain ALOT of points on Hamilton, but because he lost so much time cutting that first chicane he now “only” gained one point.

Hamilton on the other hand did what he had to do, salvage as many points as he could, and climbing from 15th to 7th is more then enough for me. There were a couple of moments that could be considered “dirty” driving, but you could just aswell call it “defending your position” so no real use to go further into that. To bad that McLaren again made a wrong tire choice during his first pitstop… I would have liked to see where he would have ended if he didn’t have to make that second “un needed” pitstop…

Then finally, Raikonen… well what is there to say? He did a very poorly race at the start. I can’t blame him that Hamilton passed him, but he should have been able to pick up the pace and follow Hamilton’s lead.
It wasn’t untill the end that he finally was able to push more out the car setting one fast lap after the other, but still, to little… to late.

What I couldn’t understand is why on earth the director kept focusing on Couldhard in the final part of the race? I mean if I have to choose between a fierce battle between Massa and Hamilton or Couldhard getting passed by pretty much anyone… then I know which one to follow :/

Also anyone else found it extremly funny that there where people standing on the track with the 100m and 150m signs above their heads during the ceremony? :p

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I may have missed something, perhaps i watched a different race to you Barracuda, but where in that race did Kovalainen do anything well?

He managed to drive just about on par with a Toro Rosso. Hamilton who had a much harder race (alot more traffic to overtake etc), yet the same car, same tyres and the same 2 stop strategy as everyone else (remember he ran as a 1 stop until he had no choice but to pit for inters so was heavy for much of the race where others like Heikki would of been light) and yet he was faster than the Toro Rosso and Heikki throughout the best part of the race.

Kovalainen is rubbish in a highly competitive car imo. He is consistantly losing out by a pretty big margin to someone with the same car as him aswell as cars that Lewis can beat, Heikki cannot. He has the occassional good race but for the best part he’s not a front runner.

Sure he’s had a fair bit of bad luck this season, but so has Lewis, Massa, Raikkonen and many others, everyone else has made up for their bad luck in the races that they haven’t been unfairly penalised or had reliability issues in, Heikki just doesn’t appear capable of that.

Give that seat to Kubica or Vettel, they deserve it so much more than Heikki, he’s just another “almost but not quite good enough” driver like Coulthard was with Mclaren. Heikki is much more suited to a car that has to be made good by the driver rather than one that is just straight out of the box good, he showed that last year.

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@Matt: I was just talking about this race, not the entire season…

Also the way I see it, Hamilton HAD to drive fast and take risks to secure HIS championship lead…
Heiki however can only collect points for the TEAM..

So what would be the point in pushing hard and taking risks when that first place wouldn’t matter much? Heiki did what he had to do to support the team, he drove safely and brought the car home in one piece in a very reasonable position.

You can’t really compare the two either, because both of them drive for different reasons. Hamilton drove for himself, Heiki drove for the team… and both did exactly what they had to do, because right now McLaren are only 5 points behind Ferrari ;)

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It’s not always easy to see a great driver in a notsogreat car. I’d be interested to see what you guys think who are the better pilots – car/team notwithstanding, patricularly from our learned hosts.

Here’s my top 10

10. Barrichello – life in him yet
9. Sutil – but on his way up
8. Trulli – experience and consistency
7. Vettel – again storming up the ranks
6. Massa – inconsistancy keeps him of my podium
5. Webber – keeps his light under a bushel
4. Raikkonen – Suffers from turbo lag
3. Alonso – has something to prove
2. Kubica – no polish word for DNF
1. Hamilton – but only just

Maybe this should be in a different blog but please feel free to disagree. What’s your list?

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10. Alonso – Don’t rate him much, but best of the rest, he’s a good situational driver, but not all round imo and consistantly cracks under pressure.
9. Webber – Shines at times
8. Trulli – as above
7. Sutil – Needs a better car to show potential
6. Massa – Inconsistant
5. Rosberg – Performs well given the car he has
4. Glock – Has shown real potential this season, think given the right car he could be a real title challenger someday
3. Raikkonen – Has had a poor season but overall has proven himself through previous ones
2. Kubica – he’s just Kubica.
1. Hamilton – Has achieved what noone else has in his first 2 seasons, and its not just down to the car having outdriven a 2x world champion last year, love him or hate him, he has made F1 exciting again.

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Super information. hope to come back soon.

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