Italian GP: who the hell is Vettel?

Minardi competed in F1 for twenty years before their Australian owner Paul Stoddart  sold the lot to Red Bull in 2005. In the entire time Minardi competed in Formula One they scored 38 points. Today, Sebastian Vettel scored ten points in one go, by putting a Minardi across the finish line first.
He didn’t win by luck or for any other reason than the fact that he had the best car and drove the best race. He was impressive to say the least, and showed on the podium that you can actually enjoy yourself when you win.

He’s the youngest driver to have ever won a grand prix, but he drove like a man with many more years experience in F1 than the year and a bit that he has.

During the Turkish Grand Prix in 2006, at just 19 years of age, he became the youngest driver to have ever competed at an F1 event by driving a BMW in Friday practice.

He then took over from Robert Kubica last year after the Pole had his serious crash during the Canadian Grand Prix, and became the youngest driver to score an F1 point during the subsequent US Grand Prix.

So he’s had some previous with being ‘the youngest’ in F1.

He then replaced Scott Speed at STR in July of last year, where he quickly started to get peoples’ attentions and he’s already being talked about, by Germans, as being the next Michael Schumacher.

And on the strength of today’s form, you can certainly see why!

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BTW, If Vettel is the youngest GP winner, does anybody know who the eldest was?

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11th to 3rd BMW is flying?? No of course not! just a result of a one pitstop strategy!

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