FIA out to get Lewis?

There was a story yesterday in one of those trashy gossip mailouts I’m signed up to – not F1 specific, just tawdry rumour – that carried a piece about Hamilton. It posed the theory that the FIA think Lewis’ ‘adventurous driving style’ is too risky so, ‘they’re trying to teach him a lesson.’

Now firstly I wouldn’t put too much stock in this being a true story, but with these sorts of things there is invariably a strand of truth, however blown out of proportion it may have become.

And when you look at it, maybe there is something in it. Lewis is aggressive, he does make moves on drivers that others do not, and he seems to be getting into rather a lot of trouble with the rule makers.

I’m sure a large proportion of you will dismiss this as me being some kind of Hamilton conspiracy theorist, but I thought it worth putting up here nonetheless, just to see what you thought.

So, go on then. Both barrels…

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