FIA out to get Lewis?

There was a story yesterday in one of those trashy gossip mailouts I’m signed up to – not F1 specific, just tawdry rumour – that carried a piece about Hamilton. It posed the theory that the FIA think Lewis’ ‘adventurous driving style’ is too risky so, ‘they’re trying to teach him a lesson.’

Now firstly I wouldn’t put too much stock in this being a true story, but with these sorts of things there is invariably a strand of truth, however blown out of proportion it may have become.

And when you look at it, maybe there is something in it. Lewis is aggressive, he does make moves on drivers that others do not, and he seems to be getting into rather a lot of trouble with the rule makers.

I’m sure a large proportion of you will dismiss this as me being some kind of Hamilton conspiracy theorist, but I thought it worth putting up here nonetheless, just to see what you thought.

So, go on then. Both barrels…

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All of the above is total BS!

If you want the truth about the conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories, listen up:

this is not about Hamilton or his driving. In fact it does not have anything to do with Ferrari either. This is about Mercedes Benz. And the Advertising Standards Authority. And Consumer Protection laws. And the EU government. And I think the UN might also be involved in this.

You see it just so happens that Mercedes Benz cannot possibly be allowed to win a F1 GP Championship. Not this year. Not the next. Not ever. And it’s all got to do with marketing, advertising and free speech.

If Mercedes Benz were allowed to win, even only if it were just once, or even if it were only the manufacturers crown or only the drivers crown. Once. We would all regret allowing it to happen for at least, at least, one entire year. But possibly for the next 100 years….

Have you noticed how on every 2nd billboard and every 5th page of a magazine their seems to be a Mercedes Benz advertisement? And 99% of them either advertise the ‘sporty’ C-class or sporty AMG-models? Have you noticed how many of Mercedes ads make reference to it’s past racing glory? It’s championship-winning pedigree? Well, just imagine what would happen if they won the F1 GP championship………. Even your Tesco no-name bog rolls will have the “Mercedes Benz F1 GP Champions 2009” slogan printed on it.

You see, as long as Ferrari, or BMW, or Toyota, or Honda, or Renault, or who-ever keeps winning it all the boring bureaucrats can sleep soundly in the knowledge that nothing, NOTHING, will come close to tainting the supreme luxury image that their S-class Mercedes cars have!

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The theory is;

McLaren like chapati and the FIA don’t.
I heard Ron Dennis went to the shop to buy some chapati and made it publicly known he did so. Mad Max thought this was a conspiracy against Ferrari and warned Ron. So Ron went to Thailand on a vacation and while he was gone, Mad Max devised a cunning plan to get Vodaphone McLaren Mercedes kicked out of the championship last year and punished for the rest of their lives.

Mad Max is a dalek and threatened Ron and co with EXTERMINATION unless they agreed. The message to all of you is obey the Daleks and agree to McLaren Mercedes never winning a championship again.

Just sign on the dotted line if you agree;

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You’re all hopeless lmao.

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Can’t wait till the next race though, I’m a racing addict =x

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Like Wallabytoo, I also grew up in the 50s and 60s when motor racing was dangerous – few seasons would pass without at least one fatality. The ‘safeness’ of F1 these days surely encourages the drivers to attempt manoeuvres that would have been unjustifiable in earlier days.

It was only the appearance of Lewis Hamilton that prompted me to start watching F1 after a long break – it had become more like scalextrix on a larger scale. Although many of the innovations regarding qualifying, pit-stops, mandatory use of tyres, etc., seem contrived, they have introduced a little more excitement into what had become (to me) a crashingly-boring sport.

I doubt very much if there is a real conspiracy against McClaren, but there have been inconsistencies over some of the Stewards’ decisions, and it in in this area that investigation should be made – a more professional approach would be welcome.

Formula 1 has become far too much like professional football – far too much money involved, and far too much power held by certain individuals.

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