Honda’s KERS jump

Here’s something interesting to distract us from the Lewis Did-He-Didn’t-He hoo-hah: Honda ran their KERS at the Jerez test last week, and their engineers reckon that the system is right on target to be ready for the start of next season.

KERS units – the Kinetic Energy Recovery System that stores otherwise lost energy from braking and converts it to extra power, which can be used throughout a race at the drivers’ discretion – will be allowed from the beginning of the 2009 season.

And with Honda’s test in mind, when you consider that lots of the other major teams have either had problems – BMW, Red Bull – or, like Ferrari, at least expressed concerns regarding them not having a fully functional system for the start of the season, it poses an interesting proposition.

Honda could well be ahead of the curve right from the off, and may have the jump on the other teams who are still struggling to get their heads around KERS come the first race.

Team principle Ross Brawn said that even though the KERS unit was installed on a mule car – basically the 2008 car with KERS strapped into it – that it was, ‘fully functioning and very close to 2009 spec.’

Which sounds rather ominous. A bit like the Emperor talking about the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, no?

So, first blood to Honda next year over the ‘rebel scum’? Or will they still be rubbish?

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How will teams reconcile the extra weight of batteries with the temporary extra performance?

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