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I give up. There I was enjoying a reasonably normal F1 season and yet again events off the track take away the pleasure of it all. Plenty has been written about this and you can’t ignore the bias. Being British and all that.

But frankly I don’t care anymore. I used to buy Autocourse religiously every year, then Barrichello went and let Schumacher through at the Austrian GP in 2003 so I stopped. I simply can’t be doing with a sport that is more of a business than a contest. Time is a healer though, and Schuey’s retirement season, plus someone else other than him winning, got me back into it all. The spectacle. The adrenaline.

Then the FIA went and ruined it all over again. Max’s private life hasn’t helped, the McLaren/Renault sagas started the rot, then the Belgian GP simply topped it all. A perfectly decent race ruined by three men. No matter whether you think the penalty was fair or not, it shouldn’t have been decided afterwards. Needn’t have been decided afterwards.

F1 needs people like me. OK, so I’m a journalist but I don’t get privileged access to any of the paddock gossip. Come to think of it, I don’t get any sort of access at all. So from that point of view I’m a paying member of the public.

And I’ve now stopped watching it. To a certain extent I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face because the spectacle of these guys is great. But I simply can’t be having people messing me around. Messing my enjoyment around. It’s a one-man, silent protest, but I’m not watching F1 anymore. The WRC is boring, Touring Cars is dead without SEAT, F1 is a business. Motor sport needs some sort of massive change and my vote starts this weekend.

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I have just seen the footage once again yesterday for the first time since then
what hamilton did was simply attack changing the side behind Kimis rear wing.. so Kimi could not really defend any more as he had only one move allowed..
if you call this giving the advantage away then simply do not watch F1 and stop crying
yes, Hamilton is a great driver but he is also the one making the most stupid moves and the most stupid comments

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why does the fia all ways take ferrari side because if hamilton didnt cut the corner he would of hit rikkions car and he did give him the place back… FIA listen to mrclearn

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i think top gear should go on formula 1 and show how its done

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I’ve been a motorsport fan since the early 70’s, but since Ferrari have been dominating F1 through shady business negotiations, using the FIA as some kind of lap dog, F1 has not held any interest for me for many years.

I got back into televised motorsport watching the FIA GT, ALMS, LMS and of course Le Mans race itself and since then F1 has slipped almost off my radar. I normally watch the first couple of races in an F1 season to see whether anything fundemantal has changed to allow proper cometition and then switch it off in favour of the endurance series as the answer to that is a “no”. Off circuit decisions like the one debated here and in past years only re-inforces my view that F1 is dying and trying to woo the endurance crowd with “night” races is symptomatic of a series feeling under threat from what is far more enjoyable and competive form of racing.

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come on everybody leave whats done. no one can change that decision. look ahead what they can do to win.

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I got better idea! Lewis could drop racing, so there wouldnt be these nonsense blogs!

Always blaming FIA for “dissing” Maclaren? Well; I’m Ferrari fan head to toes (that doesnt make me Shumi fan, im neutral on that), when Shumi was taking championship after championship, FIA started to set rules to slow Shumi down! Now you whine about some lousy 25 seconds which is nothing compared to how much Ferrari those days was forced to throw ideas and effords down from toilet, just ‘cuse FIA wanted to slow shumi down! They are even now!

19th centry biggest idiots come from maclaren too, 100m$ fine speaks for it self!

rimau said…
“yes, Hamilton is a great driver but he is also the one making the most stupid moves and the most stupid comments” Next big idiot coming? i couldnt agree more! (not maybe entirely great, he has just working car…)

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All you people, please know the rules first. The rule clearly says that if you cut short the chicane and gain a place then you should hand over the lead and should not overtake in the very next corner. Hamilton gave back the lead I agree, but he did overtake Kimi in the very next corner, thats why Hamilton got penalized. Hope that helps!

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I’ve been hearing that Ferrari are lodging a further appeal for next season. Apparently they are protesting that there are other teams involved in the championship. Only joking, obviously ( don’t sue me Ferrari please, i promise I’ll never overtake a Ferrari on a track day again ) But, forget which team, or driver you support just for one second, and think back to Hill / Schumacher, Mansell / Senna, Senna / Prost, Hakkinen / Schumacher. when has tihs sort of thing been questioned before. Those drrivers had ensless incidents between them, and there was never anything like this. My point is that, since Schumacher left Ferrari, the FIA seem to have bent over backwards to help them. Is it because they have now not got the driver to make sure of a championship a win?

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This might possibly be the worst thing to say on a Page for a car magazine but…….watch MotoGP and World Supperbikes instead. If anyone watched race 2 of World Superbikes from Rome at the weekend they would have saw an awesome battle between Haga and Bayliss which Haga ended up winning! Or how about the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca with Rossi and Stonner fighting for the lead and doing some proper racing, nudging eachother and doing ridiculously impossible overtakes! Motor sport needs to be exciting and frankly F1 isnt anymore!

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@ Karthik (83). I think you’re wrong as it happens Kartik. The rule about having to wait a corner before retaking the place came into effect AFTER Spa. Door shutting. Horse bolted.

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this is a tricky one i think, in my opinion, the penalty was deserved

kimi’s line was well off perfect, but lewis got himself into the mess he made by lookin to overtake him in a line that was never going to stick. yes he cut the corner to avoid the accident, but at the end of hte day like i said, he got himself into that mess. had there been barriers there on that chicane, he wouldve gone straight into them, smashed an out of the race, so jus because there wasnt, doesnt mean its okay to still cut the corner.

lewis does have an exciting and aggressive drivig style and it is great to watch. but i do think that he does use bullying tactics to get past drivers, some of the incidents in monza speak for themselves. he is a great driver, he jus needs to get some more mature experience. he’s not and F1 legend yet, hes got plently of years left to prove it. he should carm is style down a bit too, or he’s going to get branded a drity driver.

the way the incident was handled was wrong tho, the penalty shouldve been handed out during the race, and regardless what the race director says, it was the stewards call. the FIA have certainly put a black cloud over this season already, and the new rule change, although was needed, was handled in all the wrong manner.

also id like to say that although i believe the penalty was right. it shouldve been handed out to lewis during the race, regardless of how many laps were left. if the race is over then surely all matters with the race are closed? this is where they went wrong, instead of embarrasin the poor lad by strippin him of the win. if they didnt give a penalty during the race, they shoudlnt have givin it after the race! had lewis had the stop-and-go it wouldve been a completly different finish.

take football for a example, penalties have been givin that were wrong and cost teams important matches, but they never get overturned after the game is over nor do goals get stripped after a match. arguements could be made that championships have been decided by bad decisions this deffenatly the same with F1.

but this is the world of sport, bad decisions get made, people complain, its only natural. but come on now, its been 2weeks down the line now. you wouldnt see football managers and fans still complainin about a penalty that was given in a game 2 weeks ago!

just get over it!

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After attending the Belgium GP from the paddock I must say that everybody was so excited to see the race ending the way it finished. Finally some real good racing! Only on the way home we learned the FIA was screwing the race result. After last year this confirms again the sick making feeling that the FIA and Ferrari are too close. It is a shame to see another sport being messed by politics. After Balestre Mosley was a relief but I think he is in the seat too long now…. I didn’t miss a race since 1984 but I do have serious doubts whether I will still waste my time on this farce.
Watch MotoGP, Rossi has a similar spectacular driving style but considering his main sponsor he won’t get penalized..

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You know what (Screw) the FIA and Ferrari. Last time I checked that little puck (Massa) drove just as aggessive as any other driver out there. When Ferrari drives aggessively, it all about good clean competition. Oh, but, when someone challenges Ferrari, now we can’t have any of that going on. Your hurting there feelings (Kiss my butt, Enzo).

Same goes for Kimi, maybe if he didn’t sleep til noon everyday, the BOY would wake-up and race better. Here lately, he doesn’t seem to wake-up until the end of the race. Then he suddenly realizes (must go faster, must go faster).

Bottomline: The FIA has been watching too many Nascar Races, (another worthless sport), Formula 1 has become a bunch of Money Hungry and Sponsor Grabbing Idiots. Screw the FIA, the fans want to see some racing, and if it turns out to be a little aggressive who cares. Certain rules are like certain taxes they SUX. I say “Let them RACE”.

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FIA. Does it actually stand for “FERRARI IN-FAVOUR AUTHORITY”? Its a complete joke. Regardless of Hamiltons Belgium Gp, every single incident Mclaren, get penalised. Yet Ferrari get away with everything. Raikkonen at Monaco. Smashing in to the back of Sutil putting him out of the race, yet Raikkonen goes on to score points. Massa at Valencia, coming out of the pits nearly hitting Sutil again. Again get away with it.Yet Kovalinainen slighty touched Webber up the inside of a corner and gets a drive through penalty! Its safe to say that the FIA have it in for Mclaren since the Ferrari spy scandal (£50 million) another joke! But they could at least make it less obvious. It seems theres one rule for Ferrari and another for everyone else. I have officially had enough of F1 now.

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Oh how joyous it would be if Lewis did win the championship this year, he could turn around and say how even the stewards, let alone the drivers, couldn’t beat him…

…Good luck Lewis, if you win this year, I think you’ve achieved more than what Schumi could’ve done in his entire F1 career…beating the drivers, stewards and the FIA (Think the F stands for Ferrari somehow ;)

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I agree, apart from ‘touring cars is dead without seat’, simply because the best racing this season was between vauxhall’s and BMW’s. F1 is a complete joke though.

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Sue C, I’ll bet the FIA doesnt have email yet.
There’s quite a lot going wrong for F1. I just think F1 has worn out its welcome, it’s outgrown its room for growth and will therefore die out. Just like dinos did, really. Time for something else.
I’m all for racing real cars like the GT3 class, cars you could actually buy. Not even raceprepared like GT1’s.

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Of course the FIA has email. How do you think Max Mosley finds his lady friends?

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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan has called for calm amid anti-McLaren conspiracy theories involving Lewis Hamilton’s championship challenge.

The Bus Stop chicane controversy breathed new life into claims that the FIA favours Ferrari, particularly when McLaren and Hamilton are involved.

But Irishman Jordan, who left Formula One after he sold his eponymous team four years ago, believes critique of F1’s governing FIA does not need to be so hysterical.

While admitting that Hamilton was “hard done by” to be penalised at Spa-Francorchamps earlier this month, Jordan told Setanta: “It has to be borne in mind that this is the fifth time that he’s (had) some form of penalty this year and, being perfectly honest, all previous four were clear-cut cases against him.”

“If I was his team boss, I’d call him aside and say: ‘Lewis, you’re the best person in the car. Be very calm, be confident in your own ability but you don’t need to do things you don’t have to do’.”

Jordan says he does not subscribe to the anti-Hamilton conspiracy theories.

“If you take the situation where he blocked somebody (in qualifying), it was clear. He paid the penalty. If you don’t turn up on time, you pay the fine. In Montreal, he ran into the back of Raikkonen going through a red light, so that was clear too,” he said.

“We must not get carried away with ‘They have it in for us’. It’s the easiest form of defeat in my view. We must make sure we are not circumventing rules to make sure he wins it.”

“He is great but he needs to take a little bit of stock now and again and bring a little bit of humility to his form,” Jordan added.

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long story short, i think there should be an amendment to the rules that states that if something like Spa happens again, a penalty should be imposed in such a manner that only benefits the party (in this case Kimi) who was “wronged.” And if said party for some reason is no longer able to receive the benefit of a penalty (i.e. crash into a wall of his own accord) then the penalty is thrown out, as to not benefit those who had nothing to do with the whole situation (i.e. Massa).

an amendment to the rules at this point doesnt seem too much to ask really, since a new amendment seems to have been slipped in under everyone’s noses after the fact (i.e. now giving the position back is no longer enough, now you must wait another corner before you can start racing again).

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marcus, that is some excellent circular logic.

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Bet you watched the last one tho’?

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