That’s it then

I give up. There I was enjoying a reasonably normal F1 season and yet again events off the track take away the pleasure of it all. Plenty has been written about this and you can’t ignore the bias. Being British and all that.

But frankly I don’t care anymore. I used to buy Autocourse religiously every year, then Barrichello went and let Schumacher through at the Austrian GP in 2003 so I stopped. I simply can’t be doing with a sport that is more of a business than a contest. Time is a healer though, and Schuey’s retirement season, plus someone else other than him winning, got me back into it all. The spectacle. The adrenaline.

Then the FIA went and ruined it all over again. Max’s private life hasn’t helped, the McLaren/Renault sagas started the rot, then the Belgian GP simply topped it all. A perfectly decent race ruined by three men. No matter whether you think the penalty was fair or not, it shouldn’t have been decided afterwards. Needn’t have been decided afterwards.

F1 needs people like me. OK, so I’m a journalist but I don’t get privileged access to any of the paddock gossip. Come to think of it, I don’t get any sort of access at all. So from that point of view I’m a paying member of the public.

And I’ve now stopped watching it. To a certain extent I’m cutting off my nose to spite my face because the spectacle of these guys is great. But I simply can’t be having people messing me around. Messing my enjoyment around. It’s a one-man, silent protest, but I’m not watching F1 anymore. The WRC is boring, Touring Cars is dead without SEAT, F1 is a business. Motor sport needs some sort of massive change and my vote starts this weekend.

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