The decision

That’s it then, the result we all expected. The FIA have decided that McLaren’s appeal is inadmissible to be heard, on the grounds that you can’t argue against a drive-through, which Lewis’ 25 second penalty basically was. Game on for the championship!

This case is yet another off track intrigue that has taken up a lot of time and interest away from the actual racing, but it was a pretty compelling case nonetheless (and we Brits seem to like a court case for some reason or other).

So it’s time to move on.

Lewis has said that he’s just focusing on this weekend’s first ever F1 night race, and that’s probably not a bad thing for us to do too.

Talking of which, Red Bull have done a pretty cool – and rather expensive looking! – Singapore Grand Prix circuit guide, which you might want to take a look at.

Bear in mind that this was made before Vettel’s win the other weekend, which makes this video’s ending rather amusing.

‘Who’s going to win?’ asks Webber. Well, it definitely won’t be you mate. But it could be him.

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