Singapore: light fantastic

“They’ve missed a trick here,” I said to Jamie Hibbard as we watched lunchtime’s free practice in Singapore, the dulcet tones of our very own Maurice Hamilton ringing over the radio. “They should’ve turned all the floodlights off, and fitted the cars with massive great rally lamps instead.”

“Yeah, but they’d all have crashed. And you wouldn’t have been able to see anything on the telly,” replied Jamie, quite reasonably.

“They’re all going to crash anyhow,” I persisted. “And how good would the McLaren look with four massive great headlamps on its front wing?”

And, as if by magic, a quick root around the McLaren F1 site revealed this quad-lighted masterpiece, created by those cads over in Woking in a nifty homage to F1’s first-ever night race. How cool is that?

And no, before you ask, it’s not going to go racing. At least, we don’t think it is. Lewis’s and Heikki’s practice cars were notable for the absence of enormous headlights strung out over the nose cone.

But who knows? Maybe it’s a secret (OK, now not-so-very-secret) race strategy from the McLaren boys. Can’t imagine Kimi would be too pleased to have Lewis nipping out the back of a chicane and into his rear view mirrors with four monster lights glaring away.

Wonder what the stewards would think of that?

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