Singapore GP: success

You’ve got to take your hat off to Fernando Alonso for that win. It might’ve had a large amount of luck involved in it but it was certainly good to see him back up there.
And Alonso definitely owes teammate Nelson Piquet a beer for setting off the chain of events that got him up on to the top step.

But what of Ferrari? They totally spooned it today, and it was interesting to see that they got rid of the stupid pit light system on the next time around, replacing it with a regular lollypop. That’ll no doubt stay.

Massa just gave up after his pitstop palaver, and Kimi had another no points race and is now surely out of the championship running.

Nico drove his Williams superbly for second, and Lewis should be happy with his third spot, although he did seem to make more of being stuck behind Coulthard than he needed too.

Saying that, he’s now 7 points ahead of Massa in the championship challenge, and that’s surely all important.

I’m quite confused however why Massa got penalised for being let out of his pit box into the path of another car this time around, when he was let off the last time for a very similar incident.

As I’ve said on here before, the FIA need to clarify their rules and get some consistency into the punishments that they hand out.

Generally though, Singapore to me was a massive success. What do you think?

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