Japanese GP: practice

Timo Glock may have snuck in the fastest time of anyone during free practice in Japan this morning, but in the all-important championship title battle, Lewis Hamilton edged Ferrari’s Felipe Massa on the time sheet. If only by three hundreths of a second.

It’s going to be a close run thing between the two throughout the whole weekend, and you get the feeling that if one of them makes even the slightest error – or a big one, like ripping a fuel rig out or beaching themselves in a gravel trap for example – that the other will be quick to capitalise on it.

They both look supremely confident on track and in interviews, with neither of them giving anything away. If there’s nerves there then they’re not showing them.

Lewis was even crowd-pleasing during free practice with some tail-sliding, which always puts a smile on the Top Gear office’s face at least.

Renault’s Fernando Alonso continued with his car’s new found form to occupy the second spot, just 0.043s shy of Glock, and Kimi Raikkonen kept to himself in fifth.

We’re certianly amped up for qualifying tomorrow – live on telly at 5:15am if you’re man enough – and getting very twitchy for the race.

After I jinxed Lewis last year I’m not going to make any calls about who’s going to win, but you are more than welcome too…

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