Japanese GP: Lewis loses it

Lewis Hamilton must have felt like it was a case of history repeating as he sat in his car, facing the wrong way on the road as the entire F1 field stormed past him, as, like last year, he threw away what looked like another step towards the championship title.

The frustration was palpable as he span his wheels up to turn himself around, only to have to let off the throttle when he saw the size of the pack heading his way.

It all looked like the perfect set-up this morning for Hamilton, but again his hot headed attitude got the better of him going into turn one after he tried to undo his poor start by braking late up the inside of Raikkonen.

That ultimately failed, running Kimi wide in the process, and causing a whole host of madness right down the field which lead to Lewis finding himself right behind title rival Felipe Massa.

It was then that Ferrari man’s turn to outbrake himself, going into the chicane at turn 10 on lap two. Hamilton tried one up the inside of Massa, who didn’t want to let him go there, and so bounded over the kerbs right into the side of Hamilton, spinning him round.

Lewis found himself looking at an oncoming field, and both he and Massa were soon facing possible penalties from the stewards, that materialised on lap 17 in the form of a drive-through each.

Lewis ended the race down in a pointless 12th, while Massa managed to undo some of the damage he’d done with a well considered, mature drive for a couple of points in 7th.

So the title race again looks to be going right to the wire, and Lewis again looks to be throwing away the championship like he did last year.

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