Japanese GP: covering angles

There’s been plenty of opportunity to discuss who’s fault everything was from the weekend, but over at Formula1.com they’ve put some video together from all the angles. It won’t change your mind, but it’s certainly worth a watch. The first corner from the inside is a particularly cool shot.

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To Boo:

If Massa has driven superbly all year, then how was it (after the first three races and spins/collisions) why was it looking like Ferrari wanted him out?? In came one M Schumacher to help him with the lack of traction control, and he started improving. Although he forgot EVERYTHING “the great one” had told him at Silverstone (another fantastic drive :P)

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First of all I’d like to mention Massa scored 2 points to Hamilton’s 0 and it’s good for the show.
I don’t think Hamilton pushed Kimi off but he caused everything else at the back of the field, so the penalty was given. That was understandable, but not Massa’s one. It was similar to Kimi and Lewis in the closing laps of Spa, except that Felipe had either lost control, or was trying to avoid Jarno Trulli.
As for Bourdais’ case, it was a racing incident. Massa was entitled to do what he did but Bourdais was forced into him. The stewards decision was most certainly wrong but it’s good for Massa and Mark Webber (who scored his 100th point)
Now we have Shanghai this weekend and let’s look forward to that :)

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To Mosis

Maybe Schuey or even Hakkinen could give Lewis a few pointers on not overdriving

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At the end of the day, it was Kovalinen who hit Raikonen not Hamilton, therefore penalty to Kove.

It was Massa who panicked, ran wide and then T-boned Hamilton while cutting a chichane(sounds famliar), therefore penalty to Massa.

It was Massa who panicked again, tried to get passed Bourdais as he exited the pits thinking he was racing him when in reality he was racing Webber and Vettel further back and just lost it, therefore penalty to Massa.

These are the facts…irrefutable…pure and simple.

So why then, is it that it didnt happen like that? The FIA needs to wake up and rub the Ferrari red from their eyes and start treating ALL teams and drivers fairly!

Here’s another very real possability. What if the FIA doesnt want a black man winning the title?…they punished and penalised him and the team last year for nothing and they are doing it again this year. Makes you think, after all look at the SS trooper who is running it…

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But you’re right, it doesn’t change my mind. Massa still should’ve got a stop & go for that. And I still didn’t see Bourdais touch Massa…

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paulom, in fact everyone, please just stop with the racial suggestions. If there can be a black president of USA – probably the most ignorant country in the world – then there can be a black F1 Champion.

The FIA have got really pedantic recently because they worry about their image (and by worrying too much are worsening it constantly). I’m not ruling out corruption, but I am ruling out high-profile racism in the 21st century.

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The main reason for the chaos – which most people seem to have overlooked – is that it took a hell of a long time for the grid to form up and then the red lights were on for the longest time i’ve seen in ages! Combine this with the fact that the track temperature was 22 degrees c and the air temp was only 16c meant that by the time the front two rows of cars got to the first corner their tyres would’ve been cooler than a polar bears backside! No wonder they all struggled – Hamilton would’ve been suffering the most (with the resulting lock-up) yet didn’t hit anybody but still got a penalty! Good job the FIA aren’t biased!

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We,the F1 fans,want to see exciting races,overtaking,mistakes etc. The FIA banned the electronic aids and then expect the drivers not to make mistakes? If drivers are not allowed to make mistakes we will see very boring parade laps instead of racing. Should they drive around with a FIA rule book to make a decision. Ofcourse there must be rules and penalties for unfair or dangerous behaviour but there has to be the opportunity to let them race and compete on the edge and make mistakes. Drivers get penalised for racing now and that’s not good for the sport at all.

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All three just looked like racing incidents to me. The only one that looked like it can be penalised is Massa hitting Hamilton – he’d screwed up on the corner but gunned it to fight against Hamilton when he should’ve tucked in behind. Just seemed daft and unnecessary.

Massa completely ignored the Torro Rosso when the Bordais incident occured – careless but certainly not punishable for either, especially when the culprit span anyway.

The first corner would’ve been avoided had Hamilton not tried to overtake and just overcooked it. There have been far worse first corner incidents, I can’t see why a punishment was needed – he spun shortly after anyway didn’t he? I’d love to see all of the careful first corner driving in China…

I love that the F1 site put up the video as if “proving” that the decisions were right, yet not allowing any comments.

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whether you like Hamilton or not, you have to be some sort of idiot to think that he was at “fault” for making Kimi go off. WATCH THE VIDEO! It was HEIKKI who “forced” Kimi off. come on!

and to say, “well Lewis caused it all” is complete childish babbling. With that kind of logic you can say, “well Lewis caused Massa to tangle with Bourdais because Lewis got spun out by Massa on lap one and if that hadn’t happened Massa would not have been near Bourdais later in the race.” Sounds crazy? So do you!

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