Chinese GP: quali

Lewis Hamilton is in the best position he could hope for to get his hands on the world championship title after a brilliant high pressure pole lap at the Chinese GP.

He claimed P1 in China with another last gasp lap in the closing seconds of qualifying, with a stunning performance that put Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen back into second spot.

Yet after last weekend’s dice with Kimi, Hamilton would doubtless rather it was his team mate Heikki Kovalainen sitting beside him on the grid, but unfortunately that dream fell apart right at the end for Heikki with a small mistake that cost him valuable time, leaving him down in 5th.

And in fact, Lewis is surrounded by unfriendly faces, with his title rival Felipe Massa in 3rd and Renault’s Fernando Alonso – who earlier in the week said he’d do all he could to help Massa take the crown – in 4th spot.

It’s sure to be a tense scramble off of the line tomorrow, and it’s all lining up to be a proper cracker of a race.

And if positions stay as they are now by the time the chequered flag falls, it will be right down to the wire in Brazil for the world championship crown.

Britain holds its breath…

(If you’re a Hamilton fan anyway, if not you’ll probably be breathing quite regularly.)

Let us know what you think.

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I think that there is more to hamilton’s speed than fuel. Three tenths is alot. he could be going 6 laps earler with that gap. Mcmerc are fast around here, especially a certain Lewis Hamilton, who, if he keeps his cool, and stays ahead of massa amongst all the incidents in the race (and there will be a few like always), will stand himself in good stead for the championship. from a neutral point of view (im trying my best) expect fireworks into turn 1, possibly one up hamilton’s arse by one of the three amigos behind and then the rest should be frantic, especially if it rains. so it should be a good race and worth getting up early (if you live in GB) to watch.

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If Massa wins the title it will be because of the FIA gifting him points; he should be about 20 or so behind Lewis at the moment. It should be a good race though!

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It will be a great relief when Lewis wins the Championship. Im not saying all this because i am particularly fond of Mr. Lewis. You see, I liked him, alot, then I came to London!! Could the English give us a break? Its Lewis this, and that..The main reason why Brit sportsmen,women and teams fail is the absurd media attention and public pressure they get. He has enough pressure as it is, he does not need that from the public. Do not get me wrong, the boy is a fantastic driver…fantastic! but we could use analysis on other drivers..the likes of Kubica..brilliant driver, championship contender in my books.
I wish LEWIS the best, but I wont be surprised if the pressure tells and he messes it up..I hope I am wrong, but something tells me i wont!

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this bloke is a dam right cock the money and fame has gone to his head

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