Chinese GP: one step closer

Lewis Hamilton has taken himself forwards another step towards the world championship title with an assured, mature drive at the Chinese GP that saw him dominating the whole race and shading the Ferraris at every turn.

But blimey, what a boring processional race it was. Kimi Raikkonen letting Felipe Massa past for second place was almost the most exciting thing of the race, after the first corner scamper.

(And wasn’t it funny seeing the Ferrari drivers talking about the pass in the press conference? Apparently, that was Massa’s strongest part of the race.)

Lewis showed that he’s learnt how to drive without his hot head however, not making an error all weekend, and now has a seven point margin from Massa going in to the final race of the year where the championship will be decided.

Can you imagine the pressure that Massa’s going to be under, racing at home in Brazil, potentially for the driver’s championship? That’s a lot riding on one’s shoulders, whereas Lewis just needs to finish fifth or better, which says a lot for the mindsets each will have.

So anyway, what did you think about the race?

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LOL @ u, who do you have in mind when you think of a British person? We don’t have pictures of QE II anywhere but on money. Don’t stereotype us please.

To make this comment F1-ish (soz Jamie), I want Hamilton to win so we don’t have to pressure him so much anymore and just concantrate on the actual raci- I mean FIA decisions.

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By “have to” pressure him, I mean “feel the need to”.

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