Brazilian GP: conspiracy theory

Anyone get the feeling it’s going to get a bit JFK at Interlagos in a fortnight? A gunman on the grassy knoll, a sniper in the book depository… someone’s going to be taking a pot shot at Lewis Hamilton, but no one quite knows where it’s coming from.

So who do you reckon is going to give Lewis a race-ending bump? Kimi off the start line? Alonso on the squeeze into the first corner? The same Alonso, remember, who last week told a Spanish newspaper that if he could help Massa to win the championship, he would?

Not that we’re suggesting for a second that any F1 driver would deliberately tag another, but hey, it’s going to be a tense race weekend. Accidents can happen. Especially to aggressive little arrivistes who’ve seemingly managed to wind up the entire field throughout the season.

So, put yourself in Lewis’s race boots. You’ve got to finish fifth or better in Brazil. What do you do? Short of turning up in a race suit with a big bulls-eye target painted on it and qualifying in a full army-spec Land Rover Defender, we mean.

Do you try and qualify out front and hope no one will catch you? Will Massa be just too quick for that?

Or, as several in the TG office are advocating, do you try and put yourself somewhere around fifth/sixth on the starting grid and try to stay out of trouble? Is that just too risky, with the potential to be locking wheels with Alonso, never mind the thought of someone like Nelsinho on a kamikaze charge from the back?

Or maybe, just maybe, do you try and qualify just behind Massa and accidentally punt him off on the first corner?

Perish the thought…

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