Chinese GP: most hated driver, ever?

Amazing how everyone has ganged up on Lewis Hamilton in the last few weeks. He’s always had his detractors – both inside and outside the F1 circus – but recently it seems to have stepped up a level.

It feels to me that there’s something of a Karate Kid playground gang mentality going on, a bunch of kids singling another out. But why?

Alonso is clearly doing it to show Ferrari that he’s got their back, as it’s well known he’s angling for a seat there in 2010. And if you remember photos from last year, Alonso was grinning his head off with Kimi and Felipe after they beat Hamilton.

And Kimi, well, Kimi’s just amused with nothing to lose.

So then the fans of those drivers start giving Lewis a hard time too, and it’s become – if you’ve been reading our blog comments in the last 24 hours – ‘fact’ that Lewis is the most hated driver ever, and if the other drivers hate him then surely the fans should too?

Personally, I like what Hamilton does and the way he does it (always have, but no one in the office agrees). Yeah, so he’s arrogant, but so are all the drivers.

And the thing that’s going against Massa in particular, the thing that marks Lewis out with the mental capacity to be a world champion, is that this has only made him stronger.

Could it be the undoing of Felipe, who doesn’t handle things well when they’re not going his way? Just look at yesterday…

Anyway, all of this has lead me to wondering one thing: what if, instead of growing up with McLaren, Lewis had ended up being schooled and consequently signed to Ferrari, to partner Kimi?

How different would it all be then?

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