Schumacher: ‘Lewis could beat my record’

Michael Schumacher has told the BBC’s Inside Sport that Lewis Hamilton could beat his record of seven F1 world titles. Or maybe Felipe Massa could. Or Sebastian Vettel. Either way, he’s quite prepared for it to happen. ‘Records are there to be broken,’ he says.

In the interview he also says that he highly rates Hamilton, but was reluctant to say whether he thought he was the best current F1 driver or not:

‘When you think about what he has done in such a short time – just arriving and competing last year with [double world champion Fernando] Alonso and being very often quicker – that talks for itself.’

You can see the whole Michael Schumacher interview tonight on Inside Sport, on BBC One at 23:20. (Or, if you’re reading this after then, have a look on BBC iPlayer.)

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Can’t believe the negative comments coming out against Lewis Hamilton. He is about to win a World Championship despite the best efforts of the FIA and Ferrari (some might say they are one in the same) and will be the youngest ever to do so. The true test of a driver is, supposedly, the ability to be faster than your team mate. Well in his debut year he outpaced a double world champion! In every form of racing he has been involved in he has always been quicker than his team mate. He has Pole Positions, Fastest Laps, Victories, Incredible overtaking moves and ambition. Given the right machinery I see no reason why Hamilton cannot be a major player for the next 10 years.

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Schumacher and Hamilton are both quite good. BUT none of them are the best because nowadays there are so many computers involved. Thats why I think if you want to know the best F1 driver ever, look to the likes of Alberto Ascari.

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Mark said…
Lets not forget that Shuey was more than willing to cheat his way to the title rather than win through sheer skill. ramming people of the road, blocking qualifying laps ect…

at least Lewis is honorable

to me Schumachers records mean nothing as he was a cheat.

what planet have you been on for the past 2 years?

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Daryl said…
Schumacher and Hamilton are both quite good. BUT none of them are the best because nowadays there are so many computers involved. Thats why I think if you want to know the best F1 driver ever, look to the likes of Alberto Ascari.

it’s always difficult comparing competitors across different eras, since sports usually evolve over time. not many drivers from yesteryear would do well today. i’d say jim clark, sterling moss, and jackie stewart would be fine in the modern era.

likewise, not many modern drivers would succeed in the glory days. senna, prost, schumacher, hakkinen, mansell.

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Schumacher did what he had to do to win but do not forget he alos won chanpionships in lesser cars, Benneton for example and the early years in Ferrari….

Sorry but having a go at Schumacher shows a lack of education….

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The way the FIA is going at the minute, Hamilton probably won’t win this year.
Massa+home Gp=Ecclestone being biased, dropping Hammy 10 places and moving massa to first.

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scissors_cut_paper, yes that’s true, but he likes it with just a little more, not too much, plus he has to mature a lot. Next season, we should see a closer battle at the front with teams like Honda and Renault and BMW getting even better.

I was just thinking, the end to last years championship was a bit too much like the film Cars- a hot shot rookie driver nearly wins the championship in their first year, another championship contender leaves the team, in the final race, 1 championship contender has to deal with a problem, the similarities go on and on…

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ferrari have actually said something worthwhile ews/headlines/2008/10/859 5.html

I can’t imagine any other manufacturer teams thinking anything different either

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the reason schumacher was great was the fact that he fought off all his competition over a period of ten or so years. If you believe the rumours Raikkonen will be quick again next year. Sebastien Vettel is a huge talent. There may even be someone still racing karts who will eclipse Hamilton’s ability in the next ten years, you just don’t know. That’s what Schumacher means when he says wait and see I think.

I haven’t mentioned Bruno Senna either…

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hamilton will win, so long as goes for a whizz in front of massa’s car. The sight of water will make massa spin :D

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well, i say water…

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very creative way of winning a championship there catersam but he needs to do it on his tyres just before the race so he gets bad traction and wheelspin off the line. The smell will be so bad he’ll be forced to pit to change his smelly tyres.

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I really think that F1 should go back to manual gearbox, whithout any “rev limiter”, to see the real good drivers that can understand a car!!! Those times when engines of “not so good” drivers blown away!!!! and the real good driver understood what the car was doing and how it was doing, that’s why Prost, Mansel, Senna, Lauda, Fangio, Clark and so many others are racing legends, because they were able to get so close to the car that you could almost think that they were the same thing… these were the good’ld days!!!

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Schumi4ever, are you on crack? or german? or both? Like him or not, if you don’t recognize that Hamilton is the real deal then something is wrong with your head. Great car or not, how often does a rookie come into F1 and not only win races but also almost win the championship in his FIRST season? 9 wins and 13 poles in his first two seasons so far…if that isn’t the start of true greatness, nothing is.

and to the people who make character judgements on Hamilton, saying things like “he takes things for granted blah blah blah”…um, do you know him personally? Have you spoken with him? Do you magically know what he’s thinking? What grounds do you have to make these assumptions about him? Listen to his post qualifying and post race interviews. He is the most grateful person I’ve heard in a long time in professional motorsports. He’s always thankful and amazed at where he is and what he’s accomplished, always thanking his team. People who make these outrageous claims about his personality simply dont like him and are MAKING THINGS UP! come on, grow up people.

and to say today’s drivers are less technically and mechanically savvy than before? are you serious? today’s drivers almost have to be engineers to communicate with their team about what the car is doing and what it needs during tests and practice. they can’t/dont just say, “the car is loose” or something like that. you don’t get anywhere near F1 if you cant understand and communicate about intricate technical details about the car. do some research before you make asinine statements like that.

and all this if if if if crap about things like Vettel winning the championship already if he was in a better car. come on. if grandma had balls she’d be grandpa. the fact of the matter is that those sorts of assumptions are ridiculous. there are so many factors involved there is no way of even being close to certain. Who’s to say a McLaren or a Ferrari would suit Kubica’s or Vettel’s driving styles? They are the best of the rest, plain and simple. Until they get a drive in a better car, there is no way of knowing otherwise.

and people who say Hamilton will have problems next year because of the rule changes are downright ignorant. they were saying the same thing about this year because of the loss of traction control. Hamilton is a FORMULA 1 DRIVER! and a great one at that. he and every other driver will adapt to the changes in the off season, just like they always have whenever changes effecting the cars’ performance have taken place. the people who say he’ll have trouble act like the first time he’s gonna drive the new car will be in Australia in march next year. come on. have a little sense. drivers of Hamilton’s caliber will adapt in about a dozen laps during a test.

and to say he’ll be spinning shows just how much you dont know about racing cars. the cars are gaining slicks next year and losing some downforce. spins happen in lower speed corners, where mechanical grip has more importance than downforce. the cars will be gaining mechanical grip with the slicks. if Hamilton was going to be doing any spinning, he would have done it this year with the loss of traction control. and the downforce loss is mainly going to effect higher speed corners, which the drivers will deal with by braking more and taking the corner at lower speeds.

wow, that was quite a rant. but warranted given the nonsense that some of you are spewing.

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Have you read this disgraceful arrogance?? rt1/hi/motorsport/formula _one/7686562.stm

he may beat schumachers records but schumacher was nothing

now he is comparing himself to senna – noone does that except god

hamilton shut up and hurry up and loose the championship again

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um “LMAO,” did you forget to read the part where Lewis said:

“By no means have I ever suggested that I’m better than Ayrton – for me he’s the king, and always will be,” Hamilton said.”

i hate when people like LMAO take things completely out of context. he said he ADMIRED Senna. that Senna was his role model and that he aspires to be like Senna. how is that arrogant? how is that disgraceful? sounds more like a tribute to me.

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Alonso, biggest cheat in the game taking over Schumis position there, Ferrari are the biggest cheating team in formular 1 and I dispise them. I I Believe Lewis will smash most of Schumis records without cheating like he he did, without a doubt in my mind.

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yea, after all these bullsh1t, and lewis took the champion, those who said stupid comments, eat your own shoes.

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Schumacher is the best and always will be. One thing that stands out about Senna (although brilliant) was more poles that wins? That’s a sure sign you’ve being passed. Michaels is the opposite way around, not always needing to be at the front.

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I’d passion to canary that too!

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Schumacher is easily the better driver!

Senna always had the better cars, but still lost out to mansell and prost on a regular basis. He showed nowhere near as much domination as Schumacher did with Ferrari.

Some people say that Senna had more difficult opposition than Schumacher during his years. But what really happened is that Schumacher crushed his opposition so badly, that he made all the other drivers seemed terrible.

Schumacher still beat Hill in 94/95 whilst in a hopeless car and if you watch a video of the ‘Schumacher incidents’ of 95/97, you will see that Hill nailed into the side of Schumacher and that Schumacher’s front wheels are facing to the left! In 97 Villeneuve should have been disqualified; Schumacher was following the racing line and then Villeneuve came like a kamikaze up the inside when there was no room. Like something out of the game burnout.

Senna was a brilliant driver, but Schumacher has more wins, more pole positions, more championships and a better win ratio than Senna.

Some people think that Senna would have won more than Schumacher if he had not dies. However, his death occured after he had cheated many times. I.e.Suzuka ’90

The only people who get anywhere near Schumacher are Fangio and Clark…In the days of suicidal F1

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BTW, Lewis will never be as good as Schumacher or Senna as he is just not aggresive enough.

Furthermore, he always has the dominant car when he wins (McLaren), and unlike Schumacher he does not win as often in poorer cars. Hin race win ratio is also nowhere near as good.

PS: sorry for the spelling mistake in the previous post (should say died instead of ‘dies’)No offence Aryton!

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Should say His not Hin in previous post

Sorry!!!(I’m a twit)

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