Brazilian GP: quali

Lewis Hamilton’s left himself with a lot to do for tomorrow’s race after ending today’s qualifying session in fourth spot, right behind Kimi Raikkonen and just in front of Lewis’ teammate Heikki Kovalainen.

It’s not the ideal place for the Brit to be, but then again it’s not as bad as the ITV crew seemed to be suggesting it was. If both the Ferraris scamper off into the distance, then Lewis should just let them go.

I get the feeling it’s going to be a tightly packed hustle down into turn one tomorrow though, so there’s plenty to go wrong.

But up the front, if form’s anything to go by, then today’s qualifying played out exactly as you’d expect, with Felipe Massa and his Ferrari on pole for the third year in a row. And that crowd? Wow, the atmosphere’s amazing on telly, so I can only imagine how good it must be to actually be there.

What wasn’t expected was Jarno Trulli coming out of nowhere to occupy second spot, which spoiled Ferrari’s front row lock out, pushing Kimi into third.

But as far as Lewis is concerned, if he finishes where he starts, then that’ll do thank you very much.

There’s lots to talk about before the race, so let’s get on with it… And the rain poses an interesting proposition doesn’t it?

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