Brazilian GP: Lewis is king

Lewis Hamilton takes the world championship title. I’m going to allow myself a little ‘hell yeeeeeeah!’ in there. But crikey it was tense wasn’t it? I can’t think how it could have been anymore edge of the seat than it was.

Lewis certainly proved he’s learned a thing or two since last season’s finish, and drove a brilliantly mature race. It did look like it might have been a bit too mature right at the end there mind you!

Felipe Massa did an awesome job also, and you’ve got to have the utmost respect for the way he drove and the way he handled himself after the event. I think those two are going to have many more tussles in the years to come.

Anyway, it’s not really about what I think, so I’ll leave it to you guys. And if those of you who were backing Massa could not do any booing like the Brazilian crowd, then that would be good.

And we haven’t even watched the new TG yet! This day can’t really get any better.

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