Brazilian GP: in the Glock

I don’t usually agree with reprinting verbatim an F1 team’s press release, but considering all the furor surrounding Timo Glock yesterday, I figure it’s best to get this interview with him up as it is…

How did the rain at the end of the race affect your strategy?
“In the final laps we saw that we had the opportunity to make up some places due to the rain. It started to rain lighty on parts of the circuit with around six laps to go and at that stage everyone was on dry tyres. We took the decision to stay out on dry tyres even though the intensity of the rain was increasing we were sure we could make up positions when the other cars pitted for wet weather tyres and because it was only on the last couple of laps that the wet tyre was superior. We stayed out and I was up to fourth but it was not easy in those conditions in the last laps.”

What was it like in wet conditions with dry tyres?
“It was not so bad until the final lap when the rain really began to come down very heavily and it was just impossible. It was so difficult to just keep the car on the track because it was very wet and the car was basically undriveable in those conditions. I was sliding everywhere, with absolutely no grip at all.”

Were you taking it easy on the final lap?
“Absolutely not! It was completely the opposite; the final lap was one of the hardest laps I have done in Formula 1 because there was no grip at all and on dry tyres it was almost impossible to keep the car on track. I was pushing really hard to keep fourth place and if you look at the lap times I was actually faster than Jarno [Trulli] on the final lap and he was the only other car on dry tyres at that stage.”

Was it the right decision to stay on dry tyres?
“Absolutely no doubt about it. We were running seventh before the rain came and we would have probably finished there if it had been totally dry. Instead we finished sixth so that shows the strategy was the right one.”

Did you realise the significance of Lewis Hamilton fighting with you on the final lap?
“To be honest I was racing for Toyota and my place which is the correct thing to do. I didn’t even know that Lewis was directly behind me. The team told me that Sebastian Vettel was catching me and they kept me updated on his position but I was concentrating so hard on keeping the car on the track. I didn’t even know that Lewis had overtaken me until after the race. I was passed by three or four cars on the final lap and it was not easy to keep track of what was going on.”

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