Brazilian GP: Coulthard’s off

It was a shame that DC finished his last ever F1 race as disastrously as he did on Sunday – going out on the first corner – but it kind of summed up his career. He always had a lot of promise, but never really delivered.

He’s certainly had his ups and downs during the fourteen years that he’s been racing F1 cars, starting out with Williams, moving on to McLaren and then finishing out his tenure with Red Bull. He’s had a fairly dodgy final season, most notably turning in on a few drivers all year, including his good mate Jenson Button (talking of Jenson, does anyone have footage of him torching his car on Sunday after the race? Post a link below if so).

Saying all that, his unorthodox attitude has always been good to have around, and he’s often managed to make things at least amusing. He’ll certainly be missed, but word on the grapevine is that we haven’t seen the last of DC on out TV screens…

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