Sore points?

How much would you pay for an F1 championship point? Cash up front, for the privilege of having it sitting there on your mantelpiece, to impress visitors and so forth. A tenner? A few hundred? How about $28.5 million?

That’s how much each of Honda’s 14 champ points garnered in 2008 cost the Japanese team. $28.5 million. Per point. Fourteen points from a total budget of just under $400m.

Honda’s were the most expensive points of any team that actually managed to get on the scoreboard in 2008, but spare a thought for Force India, who splashed out £122m for a return of precisely… no points.

At the other end of the scale, the 172 points secured by Ferrari came at a frankly miserly $2.4m apiece, despite the Maranello team spending more than any other team in 2008 – a massive $415m.

BMW and McLaren’s points cost the two teams just under $3m apiece, while the average cost of a point across all teams was a surprisingly accurate $4,378,133.90. Though you could probably haggle it down to a nice round $4,378,100 with a bit of bargaining.

Don’t feel too sorry for Honda, though. Their $28.5m per point looks like good value compared to last year’s tally: a mere six points at a cost of $57.2m each.

You have to wonder: in these straitened financial times, how long before old F1 points appear on eBay, auctioned off to the highest bidder? “Buy three Renault championship points and we’ll throw in one Nelson Piquet Jnr for free…”

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