2009 F1 starts here

Just seen a pic of the new-shape BMW F1 car testing at Barcelona and I’m not quite sure what I think I’m looking at. What kind of racing car has had a front wing like this? Anyone got any ideas? I’m thinking F3000 car or Champ Car, but not recent.

I’m also thinking Russian Monster Truck.

But overall, I’m thinking that from this angle, with the incongruous relationship between wide and low front wing and tall and high rear wing, this is one ugly munter.

What really don’t help – don’t help one tiny bit – are the gigantic, shoe-box like front wing end plates. What a drastic contrast to the beautiful sculpted end plates we’ve seen on this year’s cars.

The scarcely creditable uprightness and SQUARENESS of it all is what really upsets my head.

But if it means the best drivers in the world will be able to fight each other and overtake, then so be it.

In that case, I think it’s beautiful.

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