Beeb presenters

Ladies and gentlemen, James Allen has left the building. The BBC has announced its F1 commentary line-up for 2009, and Mr Allen is not on the teamsheet. Want the full line-up?

In the midfield holding role, we’ve got Jonathan Legard (of Five Live radio-type fame) and Martin Brundle (of ITV and pikey-bashing fame) on commentary duties.

At the back (nope, going to stop with the football-position analogy now before it snaps and has someone’s eye out), the studio-anchoring-people will be Jake Humphrey – you’ll have seen him on the BBC during Euro 2008 and the Olympics – and, as we’ve been predicting for about the last 17 years, David ‘DC’ Coulthard.

A bit of a shock has arrived in the form of ex-Jordan team boss Eddie Jordan who’ll be a pundit with DC alongside Humphrey.

On pitlane duties will be Ted Kravitz – poached in an audacious end-of-the-transfer-window manoeuvre from ITV – and some bloke called Lee McKenzie, who appears to actually be a woman.

And commentry legend Murray Walker will be a regular appearance on the BBC’s F1 site too. Go go go!

Sounds good to us.

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